The best bloggers are the ones that know how to liaise effectively and professionally with a PR team whilst still remaining true to their blog’s voice, tone and style, and this is exactly what Dan does with his site DannyUK.

A refreshing mix of humour, media, parenting and grooming; his blog is a pleasure to read and one of our favourites here at Mankind.

Not only that, but Dan is also a joy to work with and always responds quickly to emails and any questions in a friendly, honest and effective way.

Read the blog posts here: http://dannyuk.com/blog/2014/05/09/taking-care-beard/ And http://dannyuk.com/blog/2014/04/10/the-beard-trend-mankind/


Having worked with a lot of bloggers over the last couple of years I can honestly say that Danny is a rare breed 

A lot of blog posts come across as quite generic, change the product name and pictures and you could be reading the same blog post over again. Danny on the other hand puts his heart into everything he writes.

He is honest and has a genuine enthusiasm for everything he reviews. He really brought our products to life. We have run a number of competitions on various blogs but the 2 that were featured on DannyUK have been the most fruitful.

Not only did our Twitter followers, Facebook likes and mailing list sign ups increase considerably but a genuine increase in our products was also noticeable.

Danny is professional in every way and a real pleasure to work with. Read the blog post here: http://dannyuk.com/blog/2014/01/22/balloon-baboon/

Balloon Baboon

Having worked with Dan on our most recent Sony influencer campaign, he’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with - communication has been regular, he’s proven to be flexible, reliable and the quality of his content is high, representing the brand in its best possible light.

We’ll certainly be working with him again, we think he’s rather lovely!

Read the blog post here: https://dannyuk.com/sony-hi-res-hd-for-your-ears-highresvip/


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I'm Danny, I live in the heart of the Wirral, near Liverpool. I'm a lifestyle blogger that's been blogging since 2004.

This blog is filled with an eclectic mix of posts about me, my family and my life.

It has honest reviews opinions and rants as well as stuff about Chelmsford, London, Liverpool and the North West.


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