The £40 cup of coffee.

Long time readers of the blog will know that I'm a coffee lover.  More specifically, Costa Coffee, with whom I have a long-standing relationship.  Today's tale is about the most expensive coffee I've ever had. Kopi luwak. Not only is it a high score in Scrabble, it's...

Essential FREE software for your PC

Essential FREE software for your PC

I was looking for a list of must-have list of essential free software that you should have on your PC. Although I stumbled across loads of Reddit threads with various recommendations, there was no central list to speak of. So, I asked for recommendations and have...

Free Costa Coffee!

Free Costa Coffee!

Everyone that knows me knows I'm a massive fan of Costa Coffee so hearing that you can get a free Costa Coffee drink is great news! The company have announced that they are giving away a free Costa Coffee drink from their Costa Express machines. The offer is for one...

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I'm Danny, I live in the heart of the Wirral, near Liverpool. I'm a lifestyle blogger that's been blogging since 2004.

This blog is filled with an eclectic mix of posts about me, my family and my life.

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