Referral code (Amazon, Ovo Energy, Uber, Quidco and more!)

Referral code (Amazon, Ovo Energy, Uber, Quidco and more!)

Quite often I get sent promotions which offer a discount code or other benefits to people signing up for things. I also have a referral code and so I thought I’d make this referrals code page for everyone.

I thought I’d put them here as a nice easy-to-find list, partly so that everyone can benefit from whatever the promotion is, and partly because I can never find them when I am searching for them in amongst the piles of rubbish I keep on my PC!

If you’re looking for a discount code or a referral code, check here and I will tell you what you will get from using the code and what I get (if anything!)

New - Infolinks - An alternative to Google Adsense and a way to make money via your blog.  You get:  Advertising revenue.  I get: A small percentage of whatever you earn at no cost to you.

Amazon - You get: Nothing, unfortunately.  I get: a small percentage of whatever you buy (at no cost to you)

Amazon Prime free trial referral code

Amazon Audible 30-day free trial - You get: 30 days free trial of Audible and a FREE audio book.  I get: a referral fee if you sign up.

Amazon Prime Free Trial - You get: 30 days Free Trial of Amazon Prime. I get: Nothing, unfortunately.

Balloon Baboon free gift

Balloon Baboon free gift - You get: A free gift!  I get: a small percentage of whatever you buy (at no cost to you).  When you get to the checkout, use coupon code “DannyUK” (without quote marks) to get a free gift added to your order.

Beard Lab - You get:  Nothing apart from a decent brand for you beard goodies.  I get:  10% of what you spend at no additional cost to yourself.

Beer 52 - You get: £12 free to spend at Beer 52. I get: Free beer if you sign up!

CamScanner Extra space - You get:  Nothing, unfortunately.  It’s a great app for scanning things, though.  I get:  100MB extra space for free.

Dropbox free space - Dropbox extra space

Dropbox Extra space - You get: 500MB extra space for free.  I get: 500MB extra space for free too!

Fiverr - I get $5 if you sign up using my referral link

Funky Pigeon - An odd one. You get: 25% off your first card order.  I get: £1.50 when you make your first purchase. However, you have to ensure you enter my Account Number on the Registration page. My account number is: 13150544.

Hotel Chocolat - You get: Nothing, unfortunately. I get: A small percentage of what you spend (at no extra cost to yourself!)

Nutmeg - You get: 3 months’ portfolio management completely free. I get: £25 for each referral who invests.

Ovo Energy - Free Amazon voucher

Ovo Energy - You get: A £25 John Lewis or Amazon voucher.  I get: A £25 John Lewis or Amazon voucher too!

Don’t forget to read my Ovo Energy review here!

PlusNet - You get: Unlimited Broadband at a decent price. I get: Money off of my bill for every month you are a customer!

Quidco sign up - You get: £5.00. I get: £5.00

TSO web hosting discount - You get: 10% off when you use the code DannyUK10 at checkout.  I get: Nothing, but the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out Geek Fairy Jo, who does my website for me.  I don’t know if she gets anything from it in fairness.

Uber free fare

Uber free fare - Uber discount code

Uber free fare – You get: £10 off of your first Uber ride.  I get: £10 credit to my Uber account.

YNAB (You Need A Budget) discount - You get: A 10% discount on YNAB4 software. I get: £3 referral fee.

Zeek promo code

Zeek – Free £5 to spend on vouchers at Zeek You get: £5 free credit at I get: £5 credit at too.

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