Describing the blog

Describing the blog

by DannyUK

I sat down to write a little about my blog a few days ago, primarily to see if I could pigeonhole it into a description. The reason for this was seeing Kip’s blog getting more and more attention. Kip is noted as a “Daddy blogger”, and as such his blog is rated quite highly in the parenting blog circles though he also has a lot of technology based posts too.


I tend to look on Kip’s growing blogging reputation with a mixture of pride and envy, and though I’m always interested in seeing how many people read this (and believe me it varies from day to day from single figures up to hundreds of people), though I’m still undecided as to whether I could be bothered (or if I’d want) the attention that Kip gets. Not that I have the chance to experience that attention, it should be said!

Caffeinated Dan logo old

The old blog logo, with the old blog name.

With that in mind, how would I describe my blog? Well, there’s definitely entries about the kids in the blog:

Smooth talker


Missy Moo Cat‎

Being threatened by a toddler

Or, continuing the family theme there’s blog entries about my old mum:

“and then I remembered I went out with a baby”

Why it’s never ideal to move back in with your parents after a divorce.

There’re posts about the dreams I’ve had.

Freaky Dreams

The things dreams are made of - Lionel Richie, Bruce Willis and a strip club

There’s even the occasional West Ham based post - West Ham and the Tevez rumours

I have written about broken bikes, reminiscing about the past and a font admission. as well as people watching or women acting weird -, and a lengthy tale about coffee shops, manners and a little karma -

I even use the blog as a way to rant - Things that annoy me.

The nice thing about the blog is that it runs back several years, and though there are some barren periods, you can type a lot of random words into the search bar and it’ll bring up an unexpected result.

Caffeinated Dan logo

The last blog logo used on the old blog.

So how would I categorise the blog? It certainly doesn’t fit neatly under the banner of “family” or “technology”. It’s not consistently funny, consistently well-written or consistently constant, and there’s the problem. It’s random, but it’s about me, and that’s the best category I can give it.


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