The Perfect Flatmate - Phoning Abroad 

When you have a mobile phone, phoning abroad can be expensive.  The way around that, apparently, is to use a landline belonging to someone else.  It’s certainly cheaper when you don’t pay the bill.

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How to be the Perfect Flatmate
I’ve never lived in a different country to my family.  Even the thought of moving away from my kids makes me miss them  (Though that feeling passes when they spill nail varnish on the carpets or spray cider on the ceiling).

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to leave your family home and move abroad.  Of course, you’ll want to stay in touch with your loved ones.

The thing is, phoning a mobile number abroad is expensive.  Personally, I would use Skype, but then I tend to go through life using common sense wherever possible.

It wasn’t until one morning when a friend had stayed over that things came to light.

After I’d gone to work - a concept that must have been strange to you, I’ll admit - I received a text.  My best friend had seen you using the house phone.  That wouldn’t necessarily have been a problem had you asked but of course, you hadn’t.  It wouldn’t even had been a problem if you’d been calling local numbers or freephone lines.  But again, you hadn’t.

BT Phone bill - Phoning Abroad

It was only when I jumped online to check the phone bill that I realised that in the 4 weeks you’d been living at the flat, you’d run up £54.87 in phone calls.  That was more than I have managed in phone calls in the six years since.

Using the house phone that I pay for is sneaky. Not telling me until someone else catches you doing it is downright rude.

When I confronted you, your excuse that you merely called your mum every day, told her to call you back and that each phone call lasted seconds was plausible.

Apart from the itemised bill from BT which proved that was a lie.

by DannyUK

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