The Perfect Flatmate - Daily showering 

Daily showering isn’t compulsory but it is actively encouraged.

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How to be the Perfect Flatmate

Even a quick rinse round with a flannel would be fine, at least as a stop-gap. But not washing is just not on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a dad of four.  I’m used to my kids being reluctant to get wet.  Almost as though coming into contact with water may make them melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Daily showering won't make you melt like the Wicked Witch of the West

Melting! I’m melting! Taken from with thanks

But even the kids reach a point where they feel that they should bathe, and at the time they were all aged 11 and under!

I know that moving from one country to another must be stressful.  To do it by public transport in warm weather must make it worse.  Seeing how sweaty and stressed you were the day you got here, I was surprised that the first thing you did was to go out for coffee.  I had imagined you’d have wanted a bath above all else.

Even when you got back from Costa (your choice of coffee supplier was the best thing about you, by the way). I assumed you’d shower.  When you didn’t, I guessed that you were perhaps a morning bather.  I even set the hot water to come on for an extended period to ensure that there was water for you if you had a lay in.

So two days after you have moved in, if your flatmate asks if you’ve showered yet, there’s probably a reason that he’s asking.

When you reply that you haven’t washed yet and you get the response “There’s no additional charge for water usage you know…”, you can probably take that as a hint.

Those first few days should have given me an idea of what was in store.  If I thought that the lack of showering was an issue, at least it didn’t adversely affect me. Apart from an assault on the nostrils whenever you walked by.  I wasn’t to know at this stage that things would get more gross.

by DannyUK

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