The Perfect Flatmate - An introduction 

I used to share a flat with someone. This mini-series, “The Perfect Flatmate”, details some of the experiences of a shared house.

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How to be the Perfect Flatmate

Years ago I read a book entitled “I lick my cheese!” It was named after a note that was left by someone who shared a house with others.  He believed they were stealing his cheese from the fridge.

I laughed at the reference back then and often amuse myself when it pops into my head again. Oh, to be stuck with a housemate you don’t get on with. Surely you’d do your best to make sure that you did indeed interact well with those you’d see every evening and all weekend? Or so I thought…

I lick my cheese - Buy the book!

Room to let - Thanks, recession!

The recession has done many things to many people. For me, the need to let a room at my place wasn’t a decision taken lightly, but needs must and part way through 2012 I let a room for the first time to someone I’d met through Twitter.

Since then I have flat-shared with a few people.  Experience has taught me lessons (like buying a Lockabox for the fridge to stop the kids stealing my food). Whether it’s sharing a place with my best friend, a total stranger or even the kids, it all adds up to an experience I can share.

What follows is an account – partly exaggerated, though mostly true – about what happens when two strangers share a house.

Names are never referred to, for no other reason than to protect the innocent. (Or the guilty, should you think of them that way).

Each incident is written from the viewpoint of the one most hard done. Hopefully that meanst it’s never revealed if it was me or him / her to blame.

In other words: This is how not to be the perfect housemate.

by DannyUK

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