Where did 2017 go?Β 

It seems like only yesterday that we said goodbye to 2016 and yet here we are, 52 weeks later, ready to see the new year in and asking “where did 2017 go?”

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Regular readers will have noticed that the blog has been quiet. Looking back through the archives, the last entry was at Halloween and even before then the entries were sporadic.

2017 has flown by and real life has taken precedence. Not in a bad way, thankfully (and thanks to those that emailed me to send their regards - it was much appreciated). Work has been busy and seeing as that’s what pays the bills, that counts most.

I’ve been off work for a few days over Christmas and thankfully I’m not back until the new year, which gives me some much needed time to recharge. I love my job, but it can feel all-consuming at times. It only seems a short time ago that we were saying goodbye to 2016.

Christmas came and went without much of a flurry. I struggle with Christmas, always feeling that whatever I buy as presents is never quite good enough, or that there is never quite enough of whatever I’ve chosen to buy. It’s a cycle that I go through every year and although I’m getting better at recognising it, accepting it and getting on with life, I still struggle to enjoy Christmas as I perhaps should.

After spending the weekend with the kids, including Christmas Eve, we had our annual tradition of going to see my mum on Christmas Day morning before I dropped them back home to their mum. I then shot up North in the car to be with my second family, seeing Mrs DannyUK for the first time in several weeks (told you I’d been busy!) and spending the late afternoon and evening with the in-laws and stepkids. It was fun and stress-free - everything I needed it to be.

Dan, Brooke and Chance wearing festive hats

Me and two of the kids, mucking around in festive hats.

Between Christmas and New Year

As I write this (coming up to 6pm) I am vaguely aware of what day it is (Thursday) which is a fallout of that strange time between Christmas and New Year where you’re not working and it all merges into one. Mrs DannyUK and I are going out for a meal as step-daughter has spent the day with nanny and grandad. They’re also picking us up from the restaurant later which means we can have a few drinks and relax - A rarity for when we go out.

2018 and onwards

I’m not sure what will happen with the blog going forward. If it starts getting updated on a regular basis, it means that I have more free time which, in turn, means less work.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to pop the occasional update on here but my aim is not to write several posts per week, which it has been in the past. A falling-out (and a lack of response) with the company that hosted the giveaways on the site over the past few years means that I have to either take time to fix that issue - something that is remarkably difficult when the company doesn’t respond to emails - or move the giveaways to another host. The latter is feasible but time-consuming, and the truth is that I really can’t be bothered at the moment.

For those reading, I hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best for 2018!

by DannyUK


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