A weekend on the Wirral 

Winter’s drawing in. I hate Winter. From the early sunsets to the freezing cold weather.

Even Christmas, with all of the joy and festivity it brings, is a time of year that I dislike. (I get anxiety at that time of year, feeling the weight of responsibility and debt on my shoulders).

This weekend has been spent up on the Wirral with Mrs DannyUK. I took my youngest two with me and - along with the two stepkids - at had three days together as a family unit which was quite nice.

Charisma, my eldest, decided not to come as she had the option to work. She is similar to me in so far as she’s happy to work hard if she gets paid for it, so it was no surprise to hear that she wanted to stay down South.

Aaliyah, my 15-year-old also opted to stay down in Essex as she had social occasions she wanted to take part in. The main one was a party that she’d been invited to and after much haggling it was agreed by all that she could stay home.

It was disappointing not to have her with us but she seemed to enjoy the party she went to so at least there’s that. I don’t imagine that I’d have wanted to forego a night with friends at that age, especially if it was to spend time with my parents.

Despite being up north I still had plenty of work to do. Being field-based is great but it does mean that you can’t just leave work behind easily.

I’ve often voiced my concerns that as and when I move in with Mrs DannyUK she’ll struggle with the amount of time I spend working. She always counters that she’d just be happy with me being there, which I know is true, though I still worry.

She made a comment over the weekend about whether I’d work less when I lived with her, so it’s obviously something she has thought of too. It’s a difficult one, but there is a compromise to be found as and when we come to that particular bridge.

With four kids aged between 10 and 13 the weekend was spent tryng to keep them entertained. This was mostly done by getting them outside and running around whilst us two adults watched.

Friday was spent watching the kids clamber up, over and around the big red rock at Thurstaston, a place we’ve been to a few times and one that the in-laws have been coming to for many, many years.

DannyUK family at Thurstaston

DannyUK family at Thurstaston

Saturday was spent at Speke Hall in Liverpool making the most of our National Trust memberships (not to be confused with National Front memberships which are probably a very different thing).

A few hours at each was enough time before my two started squabbling and we decided to head back.

I firmly believe that the squabbling was brought about through technology withdrawal. As soon as DSs / tablets / mobile phones were back in their grubby little fingers both of my two reverted to the monosyllabic teen and pre-teen kids I recognise so well.

Our evenings were spent watching YouTube channels. FailArmy is our staple as people hurting themselves is never not funny. I’ve also recently found myself addictively watching road rage and dash cam videos showing awful driving.

We even caught the first couple of episodes of a show called The Good Place on Netflix about a woman who dies and is admitted into Heaven incorrectly as they believe she is a do-gooder when she has lived a fairly basic and rude-to-others existence.

I’m sure this leads to hilarious consequences further on in the series though the most I’ll say at the moment is that it seems to be “watchable” whilst the other half refers to it as “better than that Kimmy Schmidt thing is”.  This would be impressive if she didn’t view the Kimmy Schmidt thing on a par with treading in dog poo and walking it through the house, comedy-wise.

Our time up north flew by as it always does and the trip home was uneventful barring seeing a couple of idiotic drivers.  I really need to work out how to use my dash cam so that I can start sharing some of the more eventful road incidents I see.

Now all that’s left to do is mope while I miss my girlfriend and to watch the nights draw in ever quicker.
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by DannyUK

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