How long would she have waited?

I visited a Costa Coffee store in Waterloo a little while back.

Partly in my quest to visit as many Costa stores as possible, but mostly because I happened to be in Waterloo to meet somebody.

The toilets there have coded locks on them and you can only access them by being given the code by a member of staff.

I needed a wee so asked for the code and then wandered to the loo.

I walked past a woman standing in the corridor and walked to the toilet door.

“They’re both occupied,” said the woman with a sigh, “I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Did you try the code to get in?” I asked.

The woman looked blank as I tapped in the code and pushed the door open.

“there you go.”

She mumbled an embarrassed thank you and entered the toilet, leaving me wondering just how long she would have waited there if I hadn’t shown up.

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by DannyUK

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