Lockabox - Stop food being stolen from the fridge

I have many bugbears. One of them is stuff that goes missing in the house. Especially when food gets taken from the fridge. I’m hoping the answer to this will be the Lockabox.

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The Lockabox is a product I stumbled across online.

It’s a box that comes with a combination lock and allows you to lock things away. It fits neatly on a fridge shelf and means that I can now lock away any chocolate, drinks or goodies that seem to go missing when the kids are home.

Lockabox - Stop food being stolen from the fridge

The locked Lockabox (and no, that ISN’T the code to open it!)

I was tempted to go for the see-through Lockabox if only to tease the kids with goodies that they couldn’t get their hands on. Instead, I chose the white version. It hides the contents of the box fairly well and keeps temptation at bay.

Measuring 31 x 21 x 17 cm, the box is large enough to take up half a shelf of an average fridge. Although it can be used in It’s also big enough to house XBox Controllers, mobile phones and a Nintendo DS or two.

It’s also a convenient place to stash away cash for safe keeping (pun intended), and even car keys if you’re worried about them being nabbed somehow.

Part of me feels as though it’s overkill.  After all, things shouldn’t go missing in a family house.  But things do, and since having the Lockabox I’ve been able to safely keep track of the things that I don’t want to go missing.

You can set the code to whatever three digit code you like, and it can be changed fairly easily (as long as you know the existing code).  That means there are 1,000 different combinations that you can use.

Transparent Lockabox

“See kids? If you’d have tidied up like you promised, I wouldn’t need to lock away the tv remotes, PS4 games and… erm… a calculator!”

I’d definitely recommend it.  If you don’t use it to keep things from wandering hands, you can use it to lock away electronic equipment if you think they’re being overused.  Perhaps take it out of the fridge first!

Buy the Lockabox at Amazon for just £29.99!

by DannyUK

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