Aaliyah’s art exam - Conan Gray - My Sunday Photo

My 14-year-old daughter, Aaliyah, had an art exam during the week. 10 hours of art crammed over two days. She decided to draw a favourite of hers, Conan Gray.

Fortunately for Aaliyah, she inherits the artistic side from her mum rather than me. I have the artistic skills of a dead slug with a paintbrush.

Although she was stressed in the lead up to the exam (and boy, didn’t we all know it, bless her!), this was the result.

She wasn’t overly pleased with it. I’m sat in the “proud dad” camp of thinking it rivals the Mona Lisa in terms of greatness. I suspect it’s actually somewhere in the middle and is just a bloody good picture.

Well done, Aaliyah! I think even Conan himself liked it when he got tweeted the picture.

Aaliyah's art exam - Conan Gray - My Sunday Photo

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