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I’ve always joked that my time with the kids tends to be spent either being an ATM and giving out money or being a Dad Taxi.

Although I jest about how much taxiing I seem to do, the honest answer is that more often than not I’m happy to pick the kids up and ferry them around. I’d rather they were safe than walking home in the dark, for example.

When approached me with a small app they’ve produced, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The company are trying to highlight an appreciation for dads and with Father’s Day this weekend, what better time to do it?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, children across the UK are taking the time to thank their dads for their love, support – and endless taxi services.

New research from reveals that dads spend 1 hour 40 minutes a week running their kids around in the car.

Taxi Meter app

They’ve produced a taxi meter app which I’ve been using each time I drive the car the kids around. The app acts as a taxi meter, telling me how much each fare would be if I were to charge the kids.

According to’s #DadTaxi meter, the average dad would receive a £54.40 weekly fare if they were a paid taxi driver.

My own results have been eye-opening! A simple trip a couple of miles across town to pick up Brooke, my 13-year-old, would have cost her £7.20. A similar trip to the other side of Chelmsford to pick up Aaliyah, my 14-year-old, was just short of £8.

In fact, over the weekend with the various pick-ups, drop-offs and “could you just…” journeys, I would have made £52.60 in fares. It’s almost as much as the average WEEKLY figure and it’s enough to make me want to start up a Dad Taxi Uber service. #DadTaxi app - How much would you earn as a dad taxi

Other facts about #DadTaxi

According to the research:

•Dads spend 1 hour 40 minutes and cover 40 miles a week driving their kids around, on average.
•Dads have travelled as long as 2 hours 3 minutes on average in one trip – the equivalent of a £66.91 fare.
•More than one in 20 (6%) dads admitted to charging their child petrol money.

Win a driving experience at Silverstone

To celebrate Father’s Day, is inviting you to show your appreciation to dads for their hard work and taxi services with the chance to win a driving experience at Silverstone.

Share the reason why your dad deserves to win with on Twitter or Instagram (terms and conditions apply3) – using the hashtag #DadTaxi – to be in with a chance of winning.

If you want to see for yourself how much you would make, check out’s Dad Taxi app.

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