Admitting defeat - Is it time to get a cleaner?

Our modern world has high standards. We feel guilty when asking for help in a world where we’re expected to have a great job, great social life and run marathons every other weekend.

One thing that seems to be a particularly cringeworthy subject for Britons is admitting to having a cleaner, something in the past that was reserved for the wealthy and comes with a label of being lazy and frivolous.

It is therefore very interesting that the number of under-35s in Britain hiring cleaners is on the rise.

Millennials are already branded as selfish and demanding avocado addicts; is this trend further confirmation of this, or are they just doing what everyone else is thinking?

If you’re someone that feels uneasy with the idea of hiring a cleaner, or are struggling to understand why anyone would pay for something they can easily do ourselves, we’ve put together some benefits to show perhaps why more and more of us are going against the British ‘stiff upper lip’ and accepting help at home.

Spend more time having fun

With Brits working more and more for wages that are less and less, we’ve got a smaller window of time outside of work to enjoy ourselves.

Nobody wants to spend their Sundays vacuuming or cleaning the toilet, so hiring somebody to get some of the chores done means you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

Lower your anxiety

There is a link between clutter/mess and stress-levels, particularly in women, and combined with other anxious situations e.g ‘Sunday blues’, this can be very overwhelming. Seeing clutter around can cause feelings of guilt and even affect your sleep.

You might find that having a cleaner to help you might take some weight off your mind and lower your anxiety, especially if you anticipate further stress or anxiety from other causes, like an extremely busy weekend or if you are working overtime.


Work from home more effectively

Many of us are now self-employed or are able to work from home. If you find that it is difficult to focus when working at home, it could be the clutter around you that prevents you from being more productive.

Studies show that having clutter around you competes for your attention, and can take your focus away from the job in hand. For those that are self-employed, time is money, and having a cleaner could mean you get to spend more time on your business.

Apps make it so easy

There are lots of apps out there for finding cleaners which make it easier than ever to find someone suitable to give you a hand at home.

You can book a time slot and a routine that suits you, and make the payment on your smartphone in advance. You’ll know the rates up front and won’t need to ring multiple companies to get quotes.

If you only need a cleaner every 3 weeks to clean the bathroom, you can! If you’ve got your parents coming to visit, you might just like to have a one-off clean.

Fewer arguments

If you find that cleaning is the subject of many arguments at home, be it with flatmates or family, you might find that hiring a cleaner makes for a happier home. Maybe it’s not your ideal solution, but you might prefer this over regular anger and frustration with those you live with.

Let’s face it, no one wants to do the cleaning after a hard day’s work. In an ideal world, everyone at home would do their fair share, but even the fairest households have their off days!

If you live with strangers, it’s made more tricky to arrange as it can be difficult to approach the subject or confront others for not pulling their weight.

Including the price of a cleaner with monthly rent payments could be an easy way to guarantee a happy home.


This is a collaborative post, written by Laura Hall at Shiply.

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