UK General Election 2017 

There’s nothing I like more than a nice, pithy headline. So apologies for the rather bland one today. The UK General Election 2017 is here and I haven’t blogged once about it. If only all press avenues took that route we’d probably be better off.

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I’ve composed many blog posts in my head about this subject.

The cynical (though seemingly quite clever at the time) calling of an election by the Tories, designed to increase their majority and put paid to the “I never voted for THAT Prime Minister” brigade. The sudden surge in self-confidence that Corbyn has shown in this campaign. The ongoing presence of UKIP who have no MPs compared to the coverage people like the Green Party get when they have a Member of Parliament.

None of the articles have gotten past my thought process or being verbalised to friends.

Thankfully, work is busy and as always, the blog is the first thing to slow down when real life gets in the way.

I couldn’t help but write today, though. Regular readers will know that I’m a big believer in voting. Whether you vote the same way as me or directly opposite my views, we should all use our vote given that there are millions around the world not afforded that right.

Not only that, but this election has seen the best political slogan since “Labour isn’t working”

Make June the end of May

The UK General Election 2017 is here. "Make June the end of May" - the best political slogan since "Labour isn't working"

The best political slogan since “Labour isn’t working”

I visited the polling station at 8.30am today. It was empty of voters, my footsteps echoing around the small room that is normally used as a workout room in the local sports centre.

I stood in the ballot box and for the first time had a genuine wobble about who I would vote for. My political beliefs change depending on the manifestos of each party. Although I reserve a distrust for all politicians, the manifesto is as close as we can ever get to what may happen if each party gets into power.

I went with the instinct I’ve carried throughout the campaign and voted Labour, though my heart says the Green Party or Lib Dems would be a better choice.

Unfortunately, the First Past The Post system used in British politics means that if I don’t want the Conservatives to win in Chelmsford (a seat they have held since the war) then I need to vote tactically. Not that it will make much difference in these parts.

I know many will be glued to the tv later, watching the results come in. I’d join them but for a busy day at work the next day. Instead, I may try to stay up for the exit polls which are almost always spot on when it comes to the results.

For now, I’ve done my bit. I can only hope that the country votes in such a way that the political parties are forced to work together rather than one party having the majority as I believe that will stop any one party running roughshod over everything.

Until then, roll on the next election in 2022, I guess.

by DannyUK

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