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If you are looking for gifts for Fathers Day then Hotel Chocolat have got some ideal presents for dad. As they put it themselves; Chocolate. It’s still a more delicious gift than socks.

I’ve always loved Hotel Chocolat Gifts for Fathers Day. When they got in touch recently to offer me some chocolates that would make ideal presents for dad, I was over the moon.

Never one to turn down decent chocolate, I jumped at the chance. Within days a box of goodies had appeared on my doorstep.

Ideal presents for dad

There’s lots to choose from in the collection this year. I think my favourite gift to give would be the old fossil. Cast as a fossilised shell from the dinosaur era, it’s great for the old fossil in your life. Yes, it’s a subtle dig at the age of your poor old dad. That’s ok though, as the thick milk chocolate helps ease the jibe.

I also received a bottle of Cocoa Beer. It’s an award-winning, distinctive, English, small-batch beer. If you think that it may be sweet, you’re in for a surprise as there’s a savoury bitterness to the ale.

Apparently, the cocoa shells which are left over from making chocolate are deemed just too good to throw away. Hence, cocoa beer.

It’s no cold pint of lager on a hot Summer day or a French Martini when you’re feeling fancy. But it’s certainly a welcome ale when relaxing at home though.

Hotel Chocolat Old Fossil and Cocoa Beer

Hotel Chocolat Old Fossil and Cocoa Beer

Lastly - and my favourite in terms of flavour - was the Father’s Day Sleekster. A selection of 27 chocolates with 15 different flavours. That means there’s bound to be something you like.

Not only that, if there’s any you’re not keen on, you can leave those until last and pretend that you’re happy to share!

These three items and lots more are available over at the Hotel Chocolat Gifts for Fathers Day site.


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by DannyUK

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