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Growing up on the outskirts of our capital city I was told as a youngster that dragons protect the City of London.

It’s a line that has always stuck with me. Partly because of my love of London, partly because it just sounds so magical.

It’s more than a throwaway line, though.

As you travel towards the heartland of the capital, better known as the Square Mile, you’ll see dragons like this one. They are primarily on main roads leading towards the centre of the city.

This one below is on the South West side of London Bridge and like its counterparts it has its back to the city, guarding it against whatever may be coming up the road towards it.

There are several more dragons along the Dragon Boundary Mark, all fairly similar and all doing the same protective job.

I love this photo which was taken on Friday night after a fairly drunken night out. Capturing the eery green glow of Tower 42 in the background, it takes in the dragon, London Bridge as well as a red London Bus.

It’s only one black taxi and a red phonebox away from capturing London in a nutshell!

Dragons protect the City of London along the Dragon Boundary Mark

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