London is open, despite the Westminster terror attack

We’d had our small weekend stay in London planned for a few weeks. The phrase “London is open” was trending, launched by the Mayor of London to show that our capital was still strong in the face of leaving the EU.

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Growing up on the border of south-east London, I’m used to the hustle, bustle and trouble brought about in our capital city.

But three days before we were due to visit the capital, the Westminster terrorist attack happened. As a result, the meaning behind “London is Open” seemed to evolve.

I love London. I always have. Even after four decades on the planet, spending quality time in London is still guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Mrs DannyUK is a born-and-bred Scouser. Well, she is in my eyes.

A closer look at her birth certificate would prove otherwise. Having a quick conversation with the lady in my life would reveal that she is, in fact, born and bred on the Wirral.

I don’t know what the collective term for people from the Wirral is, though. Wirralites? What’s a small stretch of water when we’re writing a blog post, though?

Looking out over London

MrsDannyUK and my stepdaughter entranced by the view from The Shard on our visit.

Westminster terror attack

I’ve no doubt that the Westminster terror attack in the heart of London just a few days before had spooked her, though. Possibly not as much as I’d guess it had shaken her mum who I’m sure was worried about her daughter and granddaughter making their way down to somewhere that seems so dangerous now.

I can only speak for myself, though. Being born in the 70s, I grew up in the 80s and was visiting London with friends in the early 90s. I even started work in the city at the tender age of 16.

I remember the Bishopsgate bomb. More than that, I remember the constant threat of IRA attacks. I’ve lived through terrorism, peace treaties and also have seen the former shatter the latter.

Is London a dangerous place to be?

No. Of course not. It’s no more dangerous today than it was last week, last year or last millennium.

In fact, with the sheer focus being brought to the capital and the increased police presence it’s probably safer now than it normally is.

Either way, life goes on.

That’s not meant to be harsh or ignorant of those who have suffered. It’s fact.

With the hashtag #LondonIsOpen trending following the attacks, it seems that the fighting spirit and the carry-on-as-normal attitude is the norm.

There will always be threats. Whether it’s on an individual level or at an international level.  We can’t live in fear.  And as I finish this blog post - a few weeks after the tragedy - it seems that life carried on as it should do for the majority.

We’ve mourned the dead, we’ve celebrated their lives but the biggest tribute is that London was always open.

by DannyUK

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