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Last week, as a belated birthday present, my eldest daughter took me to London to visit Shakespeares Globe. It was there that we saw a subtle John Cleese joke about his good friend Michael Palin.

Well known to the world as part of the Monty Python troop, both men are recognised for their wit.

When Shakespeares Globe was in the process of fundraising in the 80s and 90s, John Cleese opted to sponsor two of the paving slabs that make up the patio area.

Dozens of slabs are laid, each titled with the name of a person, family or institution that has financially contributed to the project to get it built.

John Cleese was particularly generous. He chose to pay for two slabs. One for him, and one for his good friend Michael Palin. He attached one condition to the purchase, though.

The spelling had to be exactly as he had written it.

He’d deliberately spelt his friend’s surname wrong as a joke. Now, and until such a time that the etching naturally wears away underfoot, visitors to the Globe will see Michael Palin’s name spelt like this.

Michael Pallin - A Monty Python prank at Shakespeares Globe by John Cleese - My Sunday Photo

Michael Palin - or should that be Michael Pallin - alongside John Cleese

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