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Last week Mrs DannyUK and stepdaughter, Emily, came down to visit. We’d planned to have a trip on the London Eye. On the day, we decided to go and see the view from The Shard instead.

Mrs DannyUK and I went to The Shard a few years ago when it had only just opened. This was the first time that Emily had been, though.

At the tender age of just 11, and someone who rarely visits the capital, Emily has been vocal about not liking London in the past.

For someone born and bred locally, I grew up loving London. It’s odd to me that anyone could fail to not love it.

Fortunately, the trip seemed to be a success. Emily loved looking around the city and really enjoyed the view from The Shard.

I also loved it (of course!). The spectacular sight of London stretching out for miles and miles in all directions is something amazing.

Like everyone else there, I managed to take some photos.

This is my favourite photo of the view. It takes in Tower Bridge, City Hall and the Tower of London in the foreground. Further back, as the Thames meanders through the centre of the photo, you can see Canary Wharf.

For those that know London well, you can follow the photo horizontally right to where the river bends. Look closely and you’ll see the twin domes of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Even further in the background was the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge (otherwise known as the Dartford Crossing). I’m struggling to see it in the photo, unfortunately.

Considering that this is just the view from one side, you can see how easy it is to spend hours staring toward the horizons.

View from the Shard

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