St Paul’s Cathedral at night

A stroll home after a night out with work colleagues had me convinced I was David Bailey. I snapped several pictures of St Paul’s Cathedral. Only one was any good.

A few were slightly out-of-focus. Even more were so blurry that I couldn’t tell you what I was trying to take a photo of.

The moral of the story is that drinking affects your judgement.  As if I didn’t know that already.

I’ve never made a secret of how much I love London.  I’m back there next week with Mrs DannyUK where we’ll be doing more tourist stuff.  I dare say that St Paul’s Cathedral may be on the list.

Until then, I’m happy enough with this photo.  I like the angle and the way that the dome’s illumination stands out against the black of the night.

The black fence at the front adds an ominous feel to it all.

You can see the full resolution of St Paul’s Cathedral at night over at Picfair.

St Paul's Cathedral at night

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