7 observations about Tenerife from a holidaymaker 

Having just returned from a fantastic holiday there, I thought I’d share 7 observations about Tenerife from a holidaymaker. The good, the bad and the odd.

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These could be far from the norm for the island, but they’re things that have cropped up often on our week here.

1) There is a decent mobile phone data connection speed here. Although I rarely (if ever) saw my phone on 4G.  It did manage to secure a 3G connection quote often, though.  Even with an H+ signal I was still getting decent download speeds.

Uploading was a different beast entirely, though, and I felt lucky to ever upload anything at all. A few Facebook photos was pretty much all I managed.

Mobile signal in Tenerife - 3G

Mobile signal in Tenerife - This was on 3G

2) The wifi at our hotel is atrocious. No free wifi and for the price of 10 euros for 3 days access, the speed of both downloads and uploads has been appalling.

Not to mention the connection which, as I explained to Mrs DannyUK earlier, has been in and out like a groom on his wedding night.

Downloading in Tenerife vs downloading in the UK - One of 7 observations about Tenerife

Downloading in Tenerife (top) vs downloading in the UK (bottom)

3) Not all nationalities understand the British approach to queueing. Even Mrs DannyUK felt the need to step in when someone tried to jump the queue, which is a very rare thing!

4) The staff at the hotel and local shop workers love it if you attempt to speak their language.

The 11-year-old stepdaughter has been on a mission to learn as much Spanish as she can since we’ve been here and as a result, has done a lot of ordering of food and drinks.

Seeing as the staff rarely get a please or thank you from the majority of patrons here, they always react well when they see stepdaughter doing her best.

5) All nationalities ignore the “do not reserve sun loungers” rule that is written at several points around both pools.  I didn’t ever get the chance to see how a mob of sun seekers would react to finding their space-reserving towels in the pool.

Parking in Tenerife

6) Parking in Tenerife. The people of Tenerife will park anywhere. Yellow lines. Across driveways, bumper-to-bumper. Even on chevrons in the middle of a road.

They don’t seem to care and given that I haven’t seen a single traffic warden or parking ticket in the week we’ve been here, why should they?

I’m sure that the people parking these cars didn’t make the mistake that this driver made when parking like an idiot.

Parking in Tenerife

Parking in Tenerife - “I’m sure the car will be fine here…”

7) Tenerife drivers will take advantage of any moment of hesitation you may show when driving through their island.

We slowed down to let an ambulance past at one stage, only for several drivers to do their best to get past us or make the most of our relative slow speed for their own advantage.

I consider myself a confident driver, but even I would think twice about driving in Tenerife too often.

by DannyUK

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