My Sunday Photo – Just the two of us

There are some weeks that I have the inspiration to post something for My Sunday Photo. This week it’s a simple photo featuring me and Mrs DannyUK - Just the two of us.

It’s rare that we get to spend time together with Just the two of us. There’s normally friends or family around. More often than not there’s a kid or two in tow.

At the back end of January, however, we got to spend a weekend together for my birthday. Although it was partly spent celebrating with good friends (as indeed it should be) there was also some quality time where we were alone.

This photo captures that.

Simple. Yet just looking at it brings a smile to my face.

Oh, and I apologise if the title now means you have the song going round in your head!

Just the two of us - My Sunday Photo - London Eye

Just the two of us, with the London Eye in the background.

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