Last day in Tenerife 

I’ve managed to stay whiter-than-white even through to our last day in Tenerife.  I mean that in the literal sense rather than just in the “I’ve been a good boy” sense.

The factor 30 has been sprayed on every morning.  Even when I’ve been in the sun for a while (which I tend to avoid), I can still stand against a fridge freezer and be practically invisible.

I’m surprised I haven’t been asked to cover up my legs at poolside to prevent everyone’s eyesight from the horrific glare that must be occurring as the sun bounces off my milk-white shins.

The step-kids seem to be doing the opposite of me. I came away after six weeks or so of various illnesses (see the blog post here).  Coming here seems to have dried up whatever remnants of a cough and cold I brought along.

Last Day in Tenerife

Me with the stepkids towards our last day in Tenerife. I love that stepson looks like he is planning a dastardly deed!

The kids both seem to be coughing more than ever.  I fear that when we get back to the UK, the sudden decrease in temperature will hit them hard.

Talking of which, we’ve averaged about 25 degrees each day we’ve been here. Although it’s quite windy as I write this, and more overcast throughout today than beautiful sunshine.

I’m writing this at 9.40am. I’m by the pool which isn’t officially open yet as there are no lifeguards until 10 am. Naturally, a few people have ignored this and chosen to swim anyway.

We all still seem to have the holiday fatigue mentioned yesterday.  Whilst the three others in our party of four sit and read, the only sound I can hear from an otherwise quiet area of the sunbeds is the sneezing of the stepdaughter who it seems is definitely catching a cold.

Flying home

Our plane flies at 7.30pm today meaning we should land in Manchester around midnight. By the time we get through customs, get our bags, stop for various loo breaks etc we probably won’t be leaving Manchester until 1 am.

I can only imagine how cold it will be then. My guess is close to freezing, and it’s definitely going to be a shock to the system.

Poor Mrs DannyUK has to go to work tomorrow, whereas the kids are off and will be looked after by their grandparents while I have the day off and don’t plan on getting out of bed any time before 10 am.

It’s a hard life sometimes.

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by DannyUK

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