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If you know anything about Jump Street, you’ll know it deals in sequels. No, not the movie franchise. I’m talking about the trampoline park that has opened a second venue in Chelmsford.  Is there a Jump Street discount?  What’s a Jump Street party?  I have the answers for you below.

It was only 18 months ago that we went along and reviewed the original Jump Street in Colchester. Yet the first Jump Street was so popular it was inevitable that a second would open sooner rather than later.

To say that it’s much the same as the original would be underselling the fun involved in Jump Street.  At 55,000 square feet, Jump Street Chelmsford is huge.  Almost triple the size of the original Jump Street Colchester, in fact, which is 20,000 square feet.

Jump Street Chelmsford Reception

Jump Street Chelmsford Reception - Taken by Brooke

Clip ‘n’ Climb

It also boasts the world’s largest Clip’n Climb which has more than 30 different climbs including three Extreme Challenges: ‘Vertical Drop Slide’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Leap of Faith’.

I had to Google that last bit, by the way.

The Clip ‘n’ Climb is for all ages and abilities.  My 10-year-old son, however, took one look at it and instead announced that he wouldn’t be going on it.  I think he may have been a bit overwhelmed.  Either that or the opportunity to run riot on the trampolines was a bigger temptation.

Clip 'n' climb

The Clip ‘n’ climb section.

Talking of which, if you’ve never been, simply calling them trampolines isn’t overly descriptive.

A quick glance around reveals that there are two trampoline dodgeball courts, a wipeout machine, a slam dunk area and a giant inflatable bag that has two runway trampolines.  There’s also a massive free jump area.

Jump Street Chelmsford opened in December 2016 and we’ve been a couple of times already.  Each time the kids have had fun and come away happy.

When I mentioned this in passing to a friend, I was surprised that she said she’d heard some bad reviews.

In fact, it prompted me to check Google Reviews, where there was a fairly respectable score of 4.1, which pretty much matched what my experience has been.

Chance strikes a pose

Chance strikes a pose. He’s already decided that he wants a Jump Street party for his birthday this year - Taken by Charisma

Jump Street party

Ideal for birthday parties, and requiring a minimum of 10 guests, you can book a Jump Street party from £16 per child.

That price includes food, drink and socks, but more importantly, you get a party host.  That ensures that the birthday boy or girl gets the focus they deserve!  Not only that, the party host also does all of the clearing up.

A Jump Street party lasts for 90 minutes and gives all guests the chance to jump for an hour and then to have something to eat.  You can even bring your own cake and candles.

If you want to know how good the party hosts are, you can take comfort in the fact that they all earn several tips from the happy parents of the birthday boy or girl.

Dodgeball at Jump Street Chelmsford - You'd benefit from the Jump Street discount if you were bringing a team here!

Dodgeball - an action shot taken by Brooke. You’d benefit from the Jump Street discount if you were bringing a team here!

Entry price

As with my Jump Street Colchester review, the cost of entry isn’t cheap.  £10 per person for an hour, though that price includes access to all jumping areas.  The Clip ‘n’ Climb packages start from £12.50 rising to £17.50 if you want to try all three extreme challenges.

That means for a family of four kids - and I raise my hand for inclusion here - a one-hour trip to Jump Street costs me £40, and that’s assuming we remember to bring our Jump Street socks.  If not, then you can add another £1.75 per pair needed.  Ouch.

Jump Street discount

Is it worth it?  I’d argue that for one hour of entertainment, it’s expensive.  The kids naturally disagree!  I think if they had their way, we’d come here every week.  Which is why I am surprised that Jump Street doesn’t offer a family discount at all.

The official website mentions a Jump Street discount of 10% but that’s only for groups of 10 or more.

When all is said and done, we’re definitely going to come here often.  It will be as a treat rather than a regular thing, though, and that boils down to the price.

Chance, who turns 11 this year, is already talking about having his birthday party here.  The choice of venue is normally a good indication of a popular place with my kids.

You can visit the official Jump Street website here.

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by DannyUK

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