Holiday fatigue 

I think that holiday fatigue is starting to set in. Today is our last full day on holiday.

Certainly the last night we’re sleeping here. I won’t miss the horrible bed that Mrs DannyUK and I have been sleeping on. It’s a pull-out sofabed thing which assembles in such a way that you are forced to lay on it widthways rather than lengthways. This, in turn, means that half of the bed is really hard and the other half is far too soft.

I know, I know. Just call me Goldilocks. As it happens, the kids have proper beds that are “just right” so there’s a happy ending of sorts.

My hatred of the pull-out sofabed is increased by the fact that for the first three nights we didn’t know it could be elevated so that the whole bed was on the same level, meaning I spent those first few nights sleeping alongside, but slightly below, my beloved.

We only found out that the bed could be made on the same level in error.  We came back one day to find that housekeeping had done just that for us.

Thanks, housekeeping

Thanks, housekeeping!

It didn’t resolve the issue of the crinkling mattress, though. It’s my mattress and it has some kind of protective covering.  I presume that this is meant to save the bed from various spills. Every time I roll over in the night the bloody things rustles as though I’m sleeping on a bed of crisp packets.


Today has been a boring day. With plans to spend the day by the pool (or in the pool, for the kids), we all seem to have holiday fatigue. If holiday fatigue exists, of course.  Too much sun, perhaps. Too much excitement, even. By 11 am the kids had given up on swimming and instead spent the day reading.

Maybe going dolphin watching and then visiting the zoo has tired us all out.

Mrs DannyUK and I both had a horrific nights sleep and were ratty with each other throughout the day. Our rattiness is subtle, though, so it was done without ever snapping at one another.

Eventually, we gave up, went for dinner and decided that the best thing to do would be to wander around the local shops, buy our bodyweight in chocolate and crisps and then retire for the night.

This points to two revelations. I suspect that Mrs DannyUK may soon be expecting a visit from Aunty Flow and secondly that I’m a greedy git. The latter part of that sentence is brought to you by half a Toblerone which has been consumed in the past couple of minutes.

Holiday fatigue - Mrs DannyUK and I in Tenerife

Mrs DannyUK and I in Tenerife

Tomorrow we have to leave the hotel by midday. I’m surprised that Mrs DannyUK hasn’t set about getting everything ready in a state of near-panic which she excels in (and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Left to me and we’d never get anywhere).

Our flight leaves around 7.30pm (ish) and the weather forecast for the day is rain and clouds. To make matters worse, we are expecting to land in the UK at the back end of Storm Doris (these blog posts are delayed, in case you wondered).

I suspect that we will have delays of various degrees getting home tomorrow, but it’s a worry for another day.

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by DannyUK

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