Holiday in Tenerife 

This is my view at the moment. Several meters back from a busy pool whilst on holiday in Tenerife.

Completed swathed in the shadow of a sun canopy, save for my feet, which were cold. They’ve been in the sun for no more than 3 minutes, and I know that they’ll end up burnt, given my fair complexion.

My view across the pool on holiday in Tenerife

The sky is a beautiful blue and there isn’t a cloud to be seen. It’s as though the sky is at complete odds with the rest of my life.

To my left is Mrs DannyUK, the love of my life. She’s a sun worshipper and is forever poking fun at my wont (nay, my need) to move the parasol to make sure I don’t get burnt.

She’s fussing that I’m not enjoying myself. That I may be bored.

She’s spot on, of course. These holidays where you do nothing but sweat profusely and lay by a plot of water drive me close to tears with boredom.

But, as I explain to her, I knew that before I came along. I’m happy just to be spending time with her, which is something I’m also quick to tell her.

We’re accompanied by her two kids, aged 9 and 11. I’ve never seen them so happy, which is lovely.

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I’m also feeling guilty as I simply don’t have the money to bring my own four kids along. I’m starting to think that as and when I get some money in I will need to start saving for a foreign holiday abroad for the immediate DannyUK family.

We’re on holiday in Tenerife, if I hadn’t mentioned it.

We both visited Lanzarote a year or two ago without kids and it was lovely, so we decided to stick with the Canary Islands again. Especially given that starting closer to Europe would have meant weather a good 10-15 degrees colder than the 24 degrees were currently enjoying.

All-inclusive at the Globales Tamaimo Tropical hotel

We decided to go the all-inclusive route. A fetching blue wristband is a permanent fashion accessory for our week at the Globales Tamaimo Tropical hotel.

We have beer and cocktails on tap, all of which are unsurprisingly difficult to get tipsy on, much less drunk on. I suspect much of that is the watered-down approach that is taken to such freebies.

Globales Tamaimo Tropical hotel in Tenerife where we are enjoying the all-inclusive treatment.

The hotel.

Vague plans have been made to visit the beach while we are here. We all wandered out last night to have a look around the local vicinity, despite our tiredness from the trip.  Whilst there is a small black-sand beach, there’s not much else immediately nearby, though our options will open up the further we venture.

A quick look at Google Maps tells me that there is a better beach a short drive away.

The cost of getting a transfer from airport to hotel and back again was more expensive than the cost of hiring a small car.  For that reason, we chose the latter option which saves us money and gives us more freedom at the same time.

I made sure to call the hotel in advance to check out the parking situation.  They said that free on-street parking was available all around the hotel which was spot on.

So far, we’ve found a parking space when needed though I suspect given the sheer number of cars around that this may not always be the case.

We have a week here in total before we fly home and hopefully the weather stays as nice as it has been for the past day or so.

by DannyUK

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