My Sunday Photo – Two dogs

I grew up with pets as a kid, but since I’ve lived alone I’ve made the decision not to have any cats or dogs.  My mum, however, has two dogs.

For whatever reason, one - Trixie - seems absolutely terrified of everything, including any kind of noise or unexpected movement. The other - Lulu - is as big a tart as I have ever known a dog to be, and will happily approach anyone for attention. The whole family decided to to go with a collar that comes with batteries to make the training easier on mother.

It’s rare that both choose to sit near me when I visit my mum. Inevitably one will, leading the other to seek attention from someone else.

The other day, both were in full attention-seeking mode. Within seconds of sitting down, I had two dogs vying for my attention on my lap, each happy to sit on top of the other if it meant getting a millimetre closer.

The two dogs were also seemingly obsessed with my phone. So much so that I managed to snap the below photo.

My Sunday Photo - Two dogs

The two dogs - Lulu on the left and Trixie on the right.

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