Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 has gone and many people will be glad to see the back of it. With Donald Trump elected president and Brexit voted for, it would be easy to be downhearted.  Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

It’s probably worth remembering that it’s not all bad. President Trump may be two words you’d never want to see together, but he was voted in without the popular vote. In other words, more Americans wanted Hillary Clinton rather that Trump.

President Trump revealing how many of his pre-election policies he will stick to

“Build that wall!” “Drain that swamp!” “Lock her up!” President Trump revealing how many of his pre-election policies he will stick to.

Although Brexit still seems to be going ahead, the margin of victory was small. It looks as though Theresa May will plough on with Article 50 as planned. But it’s worth noting that there is still almost half of the population that voted to remain. Half of the population who could see beyond the lies of the Leave campaign. So not everything is lost.

2016 for me was yet another year of change. I started out unemployed after losing my job just before Christmas 2015. Unemployed yet newly qualified.

I had an interview for a job that I desperately wanted at the end of January and three months later started that very role. It still feels like the ideal job for me, and though money is tight, I should see my income increase over the next few years.

Blogging was most definitely on the backburner in 2016, though the early months when I was out of work seemed very productive. Overall I published 167 posts during the year, which was far more than I would have guessed at.

2016 was another reminder that life is short.  My favourite artist, George Michael, passed away just a week before the year ended.  At least I’d had the fortune of seeing him live - something that I couldn’t say for Prince who was another staple of the music of my youth.

Mrs DannyUK and I celebrated another year together, to the surprise of absolutely nobody that knows us. I know I can be quite soppy at times, but there is no doubt in my mind that she is The One.

Although our situation determines that the relationship is harder than it should be (and that is down to the distance between us, and the anchors that don’t allow us to move), I thank my lucky stars daily that I’ve found her.

Warwick Castle - Danny and Mrs DannyUK

Mrs DannyUK and I at Warwick Castle

So what does 2017 hold?

2017 will be another slow year for the blog, I suspect. My efforts will be ploughed into work again as they have been in recent months. As a result, there seems little to write about and no energy to put down in words anything that has happened.

I have a birthday meal planned for the end of the month which I’m keeping to a smaller group of friends than normal. I’ve also booked a hotel for Mrs DannyUK and I in London for the weekend, so will we get some alone time, which is a rarity. In fact, I’m probably looking forward to that more than anything else.

In February we have booked a holiday away somewhere warm. I’d reveal more details but the truth is that I honestly can’t remember whereabouts we’re off to. I want to say Lanzarote again, but I could be wrong. Somewhere warm, that’s the main thing.

We’re taking the stepkids too, which I think negates any chance of it being relaxing. That said, it should still be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it.

Autumn 2017

Fast forward to the Autumn and in September my youngest makes the step up to senior school while my eldest will have passed her GCSEs by then and will probably be attending college somewhere.

I’m still amazed that, at the tender age of 16, she seems to have a life plan and is far more on-track with things than I think I am today. She’s certainly streets ahead of me at that age, and I’m rightly proud of her.

The only other things that spring to mind for the new year are the ever-present resolutions for most people. I need to lose weight and I need to get my finances on track. Both require effort. Both are ongoing. Neither have a set plan behind them.

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by DannyUK

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