Hair loss

“You can touch me anywhere but never touch my hair”.  If I had a penny for every time I’d heard this phrase or similar… Well, I wouldn’t have a lot of money, but it is still a phrase I’ve heard often.


It was not so long ago that the kids caught me with a Google search on my computer that I was hoping to keep a secret.

Hair is the part of the body which remarkably gives a deep focus on the facial feature of an individual.

Men and women, young and old alike, are always conscious with their hair.  You can’t turn on the tv without seeing adverts for hair products, nor can you stroll through a town without seeing plenty of hair shops scattered around.

You’ll also see a lot of hair loss. There are people who lose hair no matter what age and gender they may be.

There are many causes which lead to hair loss. This condition is normal and it doesn’t pick out people simply by age or gender.

It could be caused by too many chemicals used in the hair as easily as it could be brought about by illness.

Hair loss

Although they didn’t match my fashion sense, the models caught my hairline almost perfectly.

Personally, I’ve always told the kids that I never experienced hair loss before they came along.  They normal gaze at my thinning dome as I say it, and I leave out the fact that I was only in my early 20s when my hair started going, but that’s beside the point.parents are never exempted.

As a parent, one of your main responsibilities is to take good care of your kids as they grow up.

That’s a job in itself, and when you add the daily stress that life brings, it’s easy to see why parents tend to feel stress and exhaustion more than most.

Whether it’s the time that the toddler had a green poo, or more recently when my 10-year-old son said the F-word in anger (the first and hopefully last time that’s happened), it all adds up to a stressful time.

It’s stress that is one of the causes of hair loss.

And THAT is the reason that I have been Googling hair transplant cost.

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by DannyUK


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