Beano Shop - Newly relaunched for Christmas

The Beano comic was a staple of my childhood. Although Dennis The Menace was the cover star, I was far more interested in Roger the Dodger and the Back Street Kids.


I remember having the Beano delivered to my house every week for years as a kid. Eventually, it was replaced by Match or Shoot in my teens, but even to this day I can’t help but pick up a copy every now and then, just for old times sake.

Beano have just re-launched as a global kids’ entertainment network on the new

Featured on the site is a brand new Beano shop full of boredom-busting new products!

Beano were kind enough to gift me a couple of products to review after I confessed my love for the comic in my younger years.

Beano Shop collage

Just some of the goodies available from the Beano Shop

First up was the classic.  The Beano annual 2017.  Featuring all of the usual favourites that I remember from my youth including Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx and The Bash Street Kids.

It was definitely something I’d ordered with the kids in mind, but they’ve not had a look in yet as I hog the annual for myself.  Priced at just £6.99 it’s a bargain.

Dennis The Menace striped t-shirt and Gnasher hoodie - modelled by DannyUK and son

Chance and I model our Beano shirts.

The other two items I picked out were a Dennis The Menace striped t-shirt for myself (if only I had the hair to complete the look!) as well as a Gnasher hoodie for my son.

He isn’t a Beano fan yet, and I had to explain to him who Gnasher was, but I think he’ll start getting into the comic now.

The quality of the clothing is quite good, but the sizes seem a bit on the snug side, so bear that in mind when ordering.

With board games, mugs, calendars and more, the new Beano shop is heaven for any Beano fan, offering the ideal Christmas gifts for all the little menaces and minxes out there.

Beano discount code

Not only that, but the Beano Shop has a Beano discount code for the next few days offering a 25% discount.  Simply use the code KERCHING when you order two or more items to qualify for the discount.

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by DannyUK


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