New Year’s resolutions: Tips for job hunters

The New Year is a great time of year to evaluate your work life and a brilliant time for job hunters to look for something better. Read below on how to get the right job for you and make it your New Years resolution!


So much thought is given to New Year’s resolutions and they always seem to be about diets or quitting a bad habit.

However, we spend a third of our weekdays at work.

If you take out time spent sleeping then work is probably the one activity you spend the most time on, so it’s important to be happy.

I’m fortunate to have a job that I love, but it was only this time last year that I was faced with being made redundant just before Christmas.

As a result, I feel well-placed to pass on some tips.

Tips for job hunters

1) Update your CV

A general rule of thumb is to keep your CV updated as often as possible. Human nature dictates that the majority of us will only update our CV when we are looking to leave our current job.

Why is this a bad idea? If you’re thinking of leaving your current role, the chances are that you aren’t happy with where you are. Have you ever tried to speak enthusiastically about a subject you’re bored of? That’s why updating your CV is so hard when you’re demotivated.

The ideal time to update your CV is when you are happy at work. You’ll find it comes much more naturally when it comes to detailing your day to day activities.

A quick tip that I have found always helps me is to search for your current job role on a job site. This is easier when you’ve just accepted a job, obviously, but there is quite often copies of old roles lurking on Google.

Simply copy and paste the job description into your CV. That will pretty much be a professional and well-explained description of what you are expected to do in your current job and makes your CV look much better as a result.

2) Get in early - beat the rush

Although this is a blog post about New Year’s Resolutions, don’t be fooled into thinking you should wait until after Christmas.

Get ready now. Update your CV before Christmas. Register for job sites, like Spotlight Recruitment, that are specialists in their sector, and far more likely to send you through the best opportunities for your skill set.

Get all of this done before Christmas so that when the New Year comes you can hit the ground running and be ahead of those who are just starting the process.

Find job button - tips for job hunters

If only finding a new job was as easy as pressing a key.

3) Aim high

Perhaps a better way of saying this would be to say “don’t talk yourself out of applying for a job that is suited to you”. I’ve often looked at job adverts and seen a role which I can do 75% of, but the remaining 25% is either something I don’t recognise or am not confident of doing.

Historically, I have ignored those roles. As I have gotten older, I have viewed these roles as a way of gaining experience and have treated them as an exciting move rather than something I should be afraid of.

If you are confident that you can do most of the job role, and you have experience relating to that, then apply for it. The employer will want someone who can do as much as possible, but they’ll also be keen on someone that is looking to learn whatever it is that they can’t do.

4) Increase your skill set

When I was made redundant last year, I had seen the redundancy looming on the horizon. As such, I decided to expand my knowledge base and applied to do my CeMAP exams. They are industry-standard exams for mortgage brokers.

Gaining that qualification, though initially costly and time-heavy, allowed me to move along in my industry and has put me on the path to a better career. A career that, one year in, I love and am grateful for.

You don’t have to go to the extent that I did to increase your skill set. You could simply polish up your existing skills by revisiting an area of expertise that you haven’t done for a while or turning your hand to a new task. Anything that you can put on your cv is a good thing!

5) Don’t panic-apply

You may be tempted to try throwing as much mud at the wall and seeing what sticks. In other words, you might be tempted to apply for lots of jobs at once.

Although this can be fruitful, the reality is that if you concentrate your search, cherry pick the roles that complement your skill set and apply frugally for the right roles, you stand a much better chance of getting the job. More so because you’ll have taken the time to match your skills with what the new employer is looking for, which is not an easy thing to do when you apply everywhere at once.

getting the right job - biggest weakness

“What’s my biggest weakness? Hmmm… I’d have to say it’s spelling the word ‘weaknesses’ correctly when making up pictures to accompany blog posts”

Getting the right job

Follow the steps above and hopefully you will be in a position to move job roles sooner rather than later.

Remember! The right job for you is out there,  You just need to maximise your opportunities to get it.

Why wait for the New Year - Start now!  Good luck!

This is a collaborative post.

by DannyUK


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