WafflePod - Episode 41 - a one-off special 

After an absence of more months than we can count on our fingers, Tasha and I got together to record another WafflePod podcast.

We’ve done a few episodes since the last one got uploaded many years ago, but we’ve never managed to get around to putting the damn things online.

That’s what happens when two people have the technical know-how of a dead squirrel.


Dan and Tasha recording WafflePod - episode 41

Dan and Tasha recording the latest podcast - episode 41

But somehow - assuming this works - we’ve managed to record, upload and publish this.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the audio.


In this episode we discuss celebrity naming their kids, what’s happened in the past two years and a bloke on tv with a big nose.

"Doug" as mentioned in the podcast

“Doug” as mentioned in the podcast

Listen to WafflePod Episode 41

Warning:  Very sweary, and swearing is neither big nor clever…

Listen to all of the WafflePod podcasts here.

by DannyUK


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