Ear piercing and Wembley Stadium

There were a few lessons learnt in a single weekend back in October, which came about through a visit to Claire’s Accessories for ear piercing (not my ears, I hasten to add!) and finished with a trip to Wembley Stadium.  Almost.


Love and lust can survive many miles and many years. That’s one lesson that I never get tired of telling people about.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Mrs DannyUK came down for the weekend, this time with the lovely stepdaughter in tow. Despite a hellish journey from the Wirral to Essex, they arrived around 9.30pm, making it a 5.5-hour journey. It could have been worse (though could have been better, too!)

As much as a long-distance relationship sucks, meeting up again after weeks apart is always fantastic. The last time we saw each other was after we had returned from Amandola in Italy, which had been three weeks previously.

Since then, life had kept us apart.

Spending all of Saturday together, joined by three-quarters of my kids at various stages of the day (including Middle Daughter opting to sleep over on Friday night), it was odd to feel like a proper family. By which I mean mum, dad and kids. Granted, the two boys were missing but the point still stands.

That was lesson two. As much as I like time alone by myself, and time alone with Mrs DannyUK, I really miss being part of a complete family. Mind you, it was tiring!

Lesson three was a reminder that it’s nice to catch up with friends. With the girlfriend down South for the first time in a while, it was a good opportunity to meet up with friends we haven’t seen for a while.

Loz came along, celebrating her birthday and bringing massive pieces of gorgeous home-made cakes. Chris and Nic came along with their son, Tommy and baby Ruby who - although now 6 months old - I still hadn’t met.

Elaine, Stepdaughter and baby Ruby in Costa

Elaine, Stepdaughter and baby Ruby in Costa

Loz’s mum was there too and although we all only spent an hour or so together, it was great to see everyone.

Lesson 4 was perhaps relearning something. That the act of ear-piercing is still nerve-wracking when you’re watching a child of yours have it done.

Ear piercing

This time it was stepdaughter that was going through the procedure, having her ears pierced for the first time at the age of 11.

She did remarkably well given that at one stage she was surrounded by the piercer, her mum (not the piercer’s mum. Mrs DannyUK, I mean), me, eldest daughter as well as flying visits from Loz and her mum as well as Nic, Chris and their two, all of whom happened to wander past as we were going through the piercing paperwork.

Claire’s Accessories was short staffed, meaning that a simple piercing procedure which I’m sure has only taken 10 minutes or so in the past ending up dragging on for almost an hour.

Thankfully it all went well, and despite looking a little pale after the first piercing, the stepdaughter was happy enough to have the second piercing done and now looks even more grown up than she did before.

Stepdaughter goes for ear piercing at Claire's Accessories

Stepdaughter gets her ears pierced at Claire’s Accessories

Lesson five would be a reminder that being a dad isn’t always just about giving out money, lifts and bad jokes to the kids.

I’d like to say it was also filled with love, laughter and a sense of wonder, but instead I’m going to go down the sarcastic route and say that on top of the money and free rides, it also comes with a four-hour (or more) wait in Costa near Wembley as the two eldest and two of their friends attend the Radio One Teen Awards.

The awards were being held at Wembley Arena, but you can’t be in the area without taking in the wonderful Wembley Stadium arch.

Wembley Stadium

It’s the second year in a row that the eldest has got tickets for it, and the first year that middle daughter has been old enough to go.

I dropped them both off in the queue at 1pm with two of their friends and expected to see them again sometime after 5pm. What better way to spend that time than sitting in Costa.

I’d brought the work laptop along, with an intention that I would work as I waited. Instead, I messed around on my own laptop as the work one sits alongside it, guiltily catching the corner of my eye.

Wembley Stadium arch - with a strange cube structure in the way.

Wembley Stadium arch - with a strange cube structure in the way.

Once I finished this entry, I tried to crack on with some mortgage-related stuff so that I could ease my own conscience, only to find that the work laptop wouldn’t connect to Citrix which meant I couldn’t get anything done anyway.

The evening finished with me dropping the kids off home, picking some paperwork up from a customer and then seeing my OAP mum who had another fresh piece of Poundland tat that she needed assembling. Some things never change.

Lesson over.

by DannyUK


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