Bearded Backchat with Chloe from Life Unexpected 

Bearded Backchat is a chance for me to interview PR people and fellow bloggers.  This week it’s Chloe from Life Unexpected


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Who are you?

Hi, I’m Chloe. I’m a 27-year-old mum to one very stubborn 2-year-old. 

What is your “day job”?

I am a full-time freelance social media manager, writer, blogger and mama!

What is your blog called and where can we find it?

My blog is called Life Unexpected, you can find it here 

What’s your blog about?

My blog is a mixture of family lifestyle (predominantly our life in Cornwall), travel, business mums/mumpreneurs and blog tips.  

Why did you start blogging?

I was on maternity leave and wanted to do something creative for me.  

Why do you still blog?

It has now become my job as well as my hobby. I love it and hope it’s something I still enjoy for years to come. 

How has blogging changed since you started?

There are a lot more bloggers out there since I started and I’ve noticed a lot of changes in trends, the look of profiles, the use of some social media platforms etc.

I’ve noticed Instagram is becoming a bigger platform for building audiences in the last year.

Would you count your blog as a job or something fun to do in your spare time?

It used to be a hobby, but now it’s part of my job. I’m also a freelance social media manager and writer and most of my work comes because I have my blog as a portfolio. I also earn a little from my blog too.

Where do you get the inspiration to write a blog post?

Where I live in Cornwall, my daughter and the things she’s doing and my new world trying to start my own business and being self-employed. I think just my life, in general, inspires me. 

Chloe from Life Unexpected

Chloe from Life Unexpected


If you could recommend three other blogs to read, what three would you recommend and why?

Pouting In Heels - Katy is so motivating and really . She is also a self-employed writer and she’s so stylish and warming, her blog is a joy to read.

Mummy Of Boy Twin Girls - I love her home decor style and her tips for new freelancers!

Honest Mum - I aspire to be like Vicky one day. She’s really pushing the boundaries of blogging and creating her own job. She’s so inspirational and her blog is a fun read full of food and all about being a mum and business woman. 

What is the single best thing that has come about as a result of your blog?

Getting to go on holidays. I never thought that would come from my blog and I’m so amazed that we get to visit some beautiful places so that we can share them with our readers. 

What would be your perfect blog post?

Going somewhere abroad and exotic and getting to recommend it to my readers. 

What can you recommend to other bloggers to increase the traffic to their sites?

SEO! Keywords are important! Make sure your titles, your image titles and your keywords all match and are relevant to the post. Itll help you to rank better in google and your traffic will be more organic. 

Which brands do you enjoy working with?

I’ve loved working with Huggies! They’re so fun to work with and we’re going to be working with them for a whole year. They’ve pushed me into vlogging and it was the nudge that I needed.

I also loved working with Wet Wednesdays! They’re a small outdoors brand but they’re all mums and so lovely to work with. We’ve received some beautiful packages in the post where the actual paper itself had hand drawn personalised images on it. It’s such a lovely touch.

Everyone has that one company that they have always wanted to work with but have never quite been able to. Who is yours?

I’ve always wanted to work with a major travel company like Mark Warner. I love travelling and I love sharing with my readers that it’s possible to travel easily with children!

I was always too afraid to travel until I made the leap and now there is no looking back. I’d love to work with a national company that puts family’s first and understands what they need for a relaxed holiday.

What is your own personal favourite post on your site?

It’s a favourite, but at the same time, it’s a sad post. My favourite post was the post I wrote with my now ex-partner about our separation after having Evie. It’s called ‘Honest Mum’.

It wasn’t an easy post to write and we collaborated so that we could help others in a very similar situation. It was such a raw post and the response was phenomenal. We’re so glad our little story resonated with and helped so many others. 

Whose blog would you love to be featured on or write a guest post for?

I would love to one day guest blog on Honest Mum. I adore her blog so much and she’s everything I aspire to be. 

Lastly, if you were to interview another blogger, what question would you ask that I haven’t asked here?… 

I’d love to see a few of my other favourite bloggers take part like Mum in Brum and Mummy and Monkeys. Their blogs are adorable and they’re such lovely people! 

… And what is your answer to that question?

My future blogging plans are to create an e-course, one about blogging and one about becoming a mumpreneur. I also want to grow my blogs audience a lot more and to make some more blogging friends. 

Thanks for taking part!

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