Bearded Backchat with Leslie from Messy Blog 

Bearded Backchat is a chance for me to interview PR people and fellow bloggers.  This week it’s Leslie from Messy Blog.


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Who are you?

My name is Leslie - Wife of Liam, Mother of Dexter (3) and Paisley (7months). We live in Peterborough.  

What is your “day job”?

During the day I am a full-time mum and housewife. I will also be returning to my part time evening job in September when my mat leave finishes where I work booking deliveries for a large white goods manufacturer. 

What is your blog called and where can we find it?

Messy Blog - because that’s what it is. You can find it at 

What’s your blog about?

Mainly my children and what we get up to - their development and so on but it also has activities, messy play ideas, the odd recipe and some reviews and giveaways 

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted something to look back on. Somewhere to share our day to day with family that aren’t close by and also wanted to share ideas with people. 

Why do you still blog?

For the same reasons I started and more… blogging has given my family some lovely days out, with reviewed some brilliant products that I might not have otherwise heard about or tried and I’ve made some lovely friends along the way.  

How has blogging changed since you started?

I would say it’s definitely becoming more popular.

It’s a great way of getting your voice heard and your story out there and if you just want something simple, it’s easy to set up and get going. It’s also becoming a great platform for companies to get their products and services seen.

Would you count your blog as a job or something fun to do in your spare time?

Mine is most definitely something I do for fun. I’ve toyed with the idea of monetising it but I want to write as and when it suits me and I think I would struggle to enjoy it as much if I had the pressures of deadlines etc. 

Where do you get the inspiration to write a blog post?

My favourite comment to receive is ‘you tell it like it is’ and that’s what makes me write more.

There are many blogs that paint a picture of perfectly behaved children that never answer back, throw a strop or get mucky but to me, that’s not real. I might not write the funniest or most informative stuff but I write what’s real, I write our lives and when people tell me they nod their heads as they read along, that’s my motivation.

Leslie from Messy Blog


If you could recommend three other blogs to read, what three would you recommend and why?

Three that I read regularly are Forgetmeknit, BuddingSmiles and WhatTheRedheadSaid.

There is always something to read and lots of competitions and giveaways. Donna puts a lot of work into it and it really shows.

What is the single best thing that has come about as a result of your blog?

We recently had a trip to Duxford which was an awesome family day out but one of my biggest highlights was an garden party hosted by Argos where I got to meet Dawn Isaac.

I didn’t realise how much of a fan I was. She is genuinely one of the loveliest and most knowledgeable people I’ve met. So friendly and helpful.

Her kids books are bloody awesome and her garden is heaven

What would be your perfect blog post?

Oh that’s a hard one. I guess it would be some sort of kids activity that’s not been blogged about that really goes viral.

Something clever and original… I’ll let you know when I’ve written it hahaha

What can you recommend to other bloggers to increase the traffic to their sites?

Interact, interact, interact!

If people are taking the time to look at your pictures, reply to your tweets or read and even comment on your blog posts, a little reply is a great way of showing your appreciation and adds a huge personal touch. It makes people a lot more likely to come back again.

Which brands do you enjoy working with?

I really enjoyed working with LapBaby. both the creator of the product and the PR company involved were brilliant to work with. I would definitely work with them in the future.  

Everyone has that one company that they have always wanted to work with but have never quite been able to. Who is yours?

Not one company in particular but I would love for my blog to be able to eventually get me driving. Be that in making enough money from it to save up for lessons or preferably to work with a company that would be willing to teach me in exchange for reviews, tweets, Instagram shots etc.

It’s kind of annoying not being able to venture far with the kids but now that Dexter has recently started having fits, it literally could make the world of difference if I had the ability to drive him to the hospital on my own if needed. Especially as we have had a lot of appointments lately where Liam has had to come out of work to take us.

He has recently started doing full days at preschool and after a day there, it can be just too much work to walk home afterwards so I would love to be able to drive him and make it that bit easier for his little legs.

I honestly would feel so much safer and happier if I knew I could go anywhere, whenever I or the children needed.

What is your own personal favourite post on your site?

One of my current favourites is this one I recently wrote on starting weaning. I like it because it’s not directed at one way of doing things, it offers a small amount of info on both methods so that you can make your own choice and then includes some foods to avoid along with how and what we are doing with Paisley

There is also this one that gets shared a fair bit and that is my list of messy play ideas.

It’s a great little list for those brave enough to embrace the mess.

Whose blog would you love to be featured on or write a guest post for?

Any of my favourites mentioned above if they would have me 🙂 

Is there anybody that you’d like to see featured in the Bearded Backchat series?

I’d love to see Sarah from Forget Me knit interviewed 

Lastly, if you were to interview another blogger, what question would you ask that I haven’t asked here?… 

Have you ever considered giving up blogging? and if so, What made you carry on?

… And what is your answer to that question?

I have. Just recently I got sucked in to looking at stats and comparing myself with other blogs and I never wanted to write for anyone else.

I was always adamant that my blog was for me and when I wandered slightly away from that, I started to loose my interest.

But then I remembered all of the things I’ve gained from my blog - The days out, the products, the opportunities fro my children, the regular readers and the friends but mostly the things

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