My Sunday Photo - Grand Arcade, Cambridge

It’s been a while since I’d been to Cambridge. I used to date a girl in nearby Ely and I dare say I’d visited the Grand Arcade before but I don’t recall it.


The light that it allows into the complex is a vital part of the design, though I’d be lying if I had noticed it at first. I’m a sucker for architecture at times, and though I had walked through the arcade an hour or two earlier, it was only on my way back that I noticed the roof.

Reminiscent - to me, at least - of the architect at St Pancras or the British Library, I love the fact that the pattern is so aesthetically pleasing.

In fact, it was only sitting down at a table in the tiny Costa that occupies a space in the Grand Arcade by the escalator that I realised the building stretched so far upwards.

With another two floors above us, and yet equally another floor’s worth of space above that, it adds a beautiful acoustic to the surroundings.

People chat as they walk through the arcade. Friends gossip as they sit sipping cappuccinos. A piano plays eloquently in the background somewhere. Yet all of the noise adds to an ambiance rather than being an abundance or an assault on the ears.

But the roof sets everything off nicely.

So much so that I figured it would make a nice picture for My Sunday Photo, even if I broke my self-imposed rule of taking the photograph in portrait rather than landscape.

It’s also the first time in a long time that I’ve seen a large glass roof that hasn’t been in desperate need of a good clean!

Roof of the Grand Arcade, Cambridge

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