My Sunday Photo – Shire Hall, Chelmsford

You can hardly call Shire Hall, Chelmsford, a hidden gem. The giant building can be seen for the length of most of the High Street. Yet for something so big it can also be fairly anonymous.


Chelmsford has a habit of not celebrating its history. It’s an archaeological nightmare, with Roman remains covered over and history seemingly a subject that is ignored rather than embraced.

That doesn’t mean that Chelmsford doesn’t sometimes get it right, though.

There is so much to shout about the city. So many things to highlight. The new Bond Street development which opened last month is a credit to the city.

The cathedral (which is the second smallest in the country) looks beautiful, even if it is hidden behind a row of unsightly shops.

Hylands Park, and within it, Hylands House, are places that you could spend an afternoon in, lost in your own thoughts.

But when it comes to showing off the highlights of the city, we seem shy. Which is why this week’s photo is so nice for me to post.

As I walked through the centre on Friday night, Shire Hall, the beautiful building which towers over the end of the High Street, was illuminated by a purple hue.

Two large lights had been set up across the road, lighting up the stunning canvas of a place which only underwent a £6m refurbishment a couple of years ago. I took a few photos, as I noticed others were doing.

Shire Hall is such a beautiful, elegant, yet simple design and it’s nice to see an almost literal spotlight being shined on it.

With the Judge Tindal statue to the left, and one of the few remaining High Street trees on the right, the photo is neatly bookended.

The photos came out ok, but as it was a phone camera being used at night, the purple glow against white stone on a dark night didn’t come out too well.

Transferring it to black and white, however, seemed to work much better. It’s certainly a building that the city should be proud of.

Shire Hall, Chelmsford, illuminated at night

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