My Sunday Photo - A picture of a selfie

Last week, MrsDannyUK and I flew over to Italy. On the flight out there, we excitedly took photos, including a selfie or two.


We were flying across Europe to witness my best friend, Tasha, get married, and though we had a 2-hour flight ahead of us, followed by a near-two-hour car journey, we were in high spirits as we started the trip.

You can read more about our stay in Amandola here.

I think my favourite photo of the various ones taken is this one.

Captured on SnapChat, I love the fact that it’s slightly blurry, while capturing the dawn sky in the background. It also reminds me of just how happy we were to be going on holiday together - far removed from the horrible sinking feeling you have coming back home!

Photo of a selfie - MrsDannyUK and I on the RyanAir flight to Italy

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