Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home With These 7 Best Devices

Today, there are a number of devices available in the market trying their best to make the Smart Home a reality, including Amazon Echo and Nest Protect.

A number of companies have come forward with some of the stunning and eye catchy inventions which offer glowing stars to your home. Though there are a number of devices out there, only a bunch of them are worth your money.

So let’s discover 7 of the top devices which can turn your home really into a smart one.

  1. Ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat

If you are looking to heat up your home the smarter way no doubt ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat is your best bet. They have amazing looks as well as heats up the room based on your preferences.

Again the coolest thing about the thermostat is that you can easily heat up or cool down your room just by using the phone without taking the trouble to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

  1. Philips Hue

If you are looking for smart lighting option for your home then Philips Hue is what you were looking for all these years. Philips Hue lights up the room and even adjusts the light according to the mood of the room. Then again they are not cheap.

Still, you can manage to get them at an affordable rate by visiting the Phillips Hue section at Amazon.

  1. Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a detector which detects smoke and carbon monoxide and alerts the people. They look good as well as promises to serve well. It sends out loud alerts if it detects any potential danger. You can check out the Nest section for the full range on Amazon.

Not over. If you are not at home, it sends alerts to your phone. The pathlight feature of the device lights up if it detects you walking in a dark room.

  1. Amazon Echo

Just apart from being a Bluetooth speaker, Amazon Echo comes with a number of facilities. It helps to set calendar events or set alarms, manage other smart home devices, search the web for information, and much more.

If you have the money to invest in something exciting, it can be your option. You can view the Amazon Echo range at Amazon here.

Amazon Echo Smart Home

  1. Sonos Play:1

If you are a music lover, buy Sonos Play:1 as it is all about music. It comes with WiFi sound system which will make sure to deliver you more than the size of the device. You can have music from SiriusXM, Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and such many others.

The only thing you need is to have a Sonos app. Moreover, you can easily sync with other Sonos devices through Sonos Play:1.

  1. Roomba 980

Tired of cleaning the home on your own. Now you have Roomba 980. It is automatic and you can easily schedule the timing for it to work. But, again it is true that the robot vacuum cleaner is quite expensive.

  1. Nest Cam

If you are looking for a high-resolution wireless camera then you have Nest Cam. It provides continuous streaming with 1080p with a wide angle. You can use it if you have a child to monitor. If the camera senses any problem, it sends alerts. You can even watch the previous footage through cloud.

If you have a wallet full of money and enthusiasm to turn your home smart, you can definitely make use of these devices. For sure, you are going to love some of them and keep them for years to come.

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