SITC 2016 - Going back to Summer In The City 

Time flies when you’re having fun. It feels like only yesterday that I booked tickets for SITC 2016 but August is here already and we are going back to Summer In The City.


If you’re not familiar with the event (and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t), it’s YouTube-based.

If you think that YouTube is just a place to watch cats on the internet, or a place to go to watch fail videos, you’re sadly mistaken.

The modern day YouTuber is a celebrity in their own right. Many of them have hundreds of thousands - if not MILLIONS - of followers. They vlog about all kinds of things and some get paid handsomely for doing so.

SITC 2016

SITC 2016 is the 8th year in a row that Summer In The City has been going.

I was cajoled into taking Charisma, my eldest daughter, last year and live-blogged while I was there. This year all three daughters wanted to go, so as I made my way back from London on a cold and dreary December evening last year, I booked tickets.

They weren’t cheap, and I had to buy one for myself, even though I’m not going to any of the events, but we were here all day yesterday and the girls loved just about every minute of it.

Charisma seemed to know just about every other person we walked past, having chatted to them on Twitter, whilst Brooke and Aaliyah enjoyed meeting their heroes.

I sat in Costa, just outside the venue, and worked all day. Any plans I’d had for blogging went out of the window just because of how busy work has been. It makes more sense to write mortgages for customers while I’m here as that is ultimately what brings money into the household.

That said, we’re back at SITC today and although I’ve done an hour of paperwork already, switching on my own laptop and giving the blog some love feels like a break from work.

Going back to SITC - SITC 2016 bracelet and coffee

Expensive (unused) entry bracelet? Check. Costa? Check. Sorted.

Work is (of course) the reason that the blog has been fairly quiet in recent weeks. Brexit came and went, bringing with it a 4-week period of relative quiet from what I could see, and after that the remortgage side picked up again, so work is busy once more. Long may it last.

It’s just coming up for 11.45am now and we’ve been here for an hour and a half. We’re due to be here all day, and despite a long day yesterday which saw all three girls absolutely shattered, they’re keen to spend as long here today.

Even throwing up on the way home hasn’t deterred Aaliyah, who is putting the sudden bout of sickness down to excitement rather than a bug, travel sickness or anything else. She seems fine this morning, and the plus side is that the car got a much-needed wash to get rid of the splatter down the passenger side door. Sorry for that mental image by the way.

I’ve got a work appointment tonight, which the girls are aware of, but not overkeen on leaving early for me to attend, but that’s my own fault for booking it at a time when I thought we’d have long been home. That still needs sorting out.

In the meantime, I’m going to grab another coffee and do very little for a couple of hours.

by DannyUK


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