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Photography isn’t my strong point, and getting a flower in focus in a photograph tends to happen more by accident that with any real sense of purpose when I have a camera in hand.


Brooke, my middle daughter, doesn’t seem to have the same problem, as you can see from the flower in focus below.

Taken on an early Friday evening in Summer, Brooke, her brother Chance and I had been wandering through Chelmsford trying to catch Pokemon.

I say “we”.  Chance and Brooke were using my phone between them, and I was left to admire the scenery, forever proving my love for my children by giving up the phone that rarely leaves my side.

Whilst my two youngest ran around, swapping sentences made up of words that mean nothing to me (Pokeballs, Wild Pidgey and various others words that would easily score 100 points in Scrabble), I pulled out my work phone and snapped a couple of pictures.

Chelmsford Cathedral - best known perhaps for being the second smallest cathedral in Chelmsford - is fast becoming a go-to place for kids in the city because of the number of Pokestops there and close by.

It’s also a place full of old graves and wild-looking flowers, making it a great place to take pictures.

No sooner had I opened the camera on my work phone and taken a couple of photos, mainly of the Chelmsford Cathedral flowers, but also trying (and failing) to capture an arty shot of the Cathedral behind the flowers, then Brooke appeared and decided she’d take some photos on my personal phone.

I left her to it.  At 12-years-old she’s more than capable of operating technology and is at an age where it’s sometimes easier to not argue and let her get on with things.

She snapped about half a dozen or so photos, including the one below.  Quite how she captured a flower in focus the way she did is beyond me, especially with a camera that I struggle sometimes to get light and dark showing in pictures properly, much less anything else.

But she did, and I’m glad she did, because I think it makes a beautiful picture:

Flowers by the Cathedral - A flower in focus taken by Brooke

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