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I’ve been with Ovo Energy for about 18 months now, and so far they’ve been superb. It’s no wonder that they are rated amongst the best energy suppliers.


Before I start detailing how happy I am with Ovo, you can check out Ovo Energy here (and that’s a referral link - If you sign up for Ovo, use that link and you will get a £25 Amazon voucher, as will I!)

Welcome to Ovo Energy

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I made the switch from Co-op Energy who withdrew their reward scheme. After all, with so many energy suppliers offering rewards, it would be silly to not sign up for some rewards.

I’ve used various energy suppliers over the years and historically stuck with the big names, though having to fight British Gas soon put a stop to that. In recent times, though, there seems to have been more choice in the energy markets so it made sense to look around.

Let’s be honest, whoever supplies gas or electricity to your home, it doesn’t really make a blind bit of difference to what you receive. It’s not like your weekly food shop, where you may prefer Tesco over Asda for their Finest range, or choose to go to Lidl to keep costs down.

In fact, the only two things you really need to concern yourself with over your energy supplier are the cost and their customer service.

Ovo excels in both.

I only noticed Ovo when a friend mentioned that they pay 3% interest on credit balances. I’ve always paid for my energy in advance by Direct Debit, and always seem to have credit on the account, so to be told that I could earn more by keeping my money in my Ovo account compared to most bank savings accounts really caught my eye.

They call it the Ovo Interest Reward and they describe it as “our 3% Interest Reward that we give on all credit balances.”

Ovo Interest Reward - Gain 3% interest on your credit balance.

Ovo Interest Reward - Gain 3% interest on your credit balance.

How do Ovo Energy compare to other suppliers?   This is really difficult to work out.  You’d think that you would just be able to quote the kWh figure, but in my experience, this changes based on how much energy you use.

The only thing that I can say is that my energy bills have been much lower since being with Ovo Energy - noticeably so.

In fact, the average consumer can save over £250 per year simply by switching to Ovo Energy. Not only that but new legislation coming through means that most companies will switch you within 21 days.

Ovo also offers a “Greener Energy” option, where 100% of your electricity comes from renewable energy sources and it doesn’t cost a lot more to do so.

Switching to Ovo Energy

So, moving to Ovo Energy has given me cheaper bills and pays me interest on the credit I have on my account.  I think that’s brilliant.  If you’re thinking the same, then what better time to switch?

If you have been stuck with same energy supplier for ages, and never reviewed your tariff (and let’s face it, many of us don’t), then why not switch to Ovo Energy now and get yourself a £25 Amazon voucher as well as probably saving shedloads of cash on your gas and electric!

by DannyUK


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