An Olive Branch – my open letter to the UK 

I’ve tried hard to leave my fears for the future and disappointment in the EU Referendum vote (mostly) off the blog. Written by a good friend, what follows is a guest post from someone who voted Leave.


The letter doesn’t offer a solution, nor does it promise to do so. It doesn’t state “why I voted Leave”, it contains no admission of feeling that the result was right or wrong and it doesn’t proportion blame.

You can read my thoughts on the Brexit here, including the fact that I voted to stay.

In the meantime, enjoy this guest post written by someone who voted to leave.

Guest post: An Olive Branch – my open letter to the UK

Dear Family, Friends, and fellow Countrymen.

By now you are likely tired of reading about the referendum, anxious of the consequences, and sick of reading nonsense from self-proclaimed experts on politics and ‘what this means for our future’.

Writing heals me. It allows me to relieve my soul of pent up angst that in time, would make me a bitter person. So forgive my poor grammar, my inability to write as eloquently as I would like, and for posting more nonsense across social media.

I’m an emotional little thing, and this is a very emotive letter.

On Friday morning, 24th June, my Fiancé woke me and told me the news that the people had voted to leave the EU. A wave of emotions ran through me, shock, fear, hope, excitement. I felt sick, the adrenaline coursing through me – fight or flee I believe it’s known as.

England and the EU - An olive branch is offered from a leave voter

Over the last 3 days I have seen some of my oldest and dearest friends fall into despair as soon as they learned of the referendum result.

Friends whose jobs heavily rely on the EU, friends from European countries who have made their way to Britain to make a better life for their children, and friends who have taken the plunge and moved their lives and dreams to other parts of Europe.

I have thought about every single one of you over the past few days. I feel your fear, I hear your concerns and I see your desperation for what you feel is a poor decision to be rectified.

I like to think I’m one of those irritating people who can make the best out of a bad situation (I will stipulate here that I do not believe the situation we have found ourselves in is bad), an eternal optimist who will always look for opportunity.

When I find myself in need of support and reassurance, I can always rely on family and friends.

I don’t have the solution, but I’m not afraid of change, far from it. It is a challenge that I welcome.

What I am offering here is a small gesture, a change in my habits, being accountable for my vote and taking responsibility for our futures. Changes that I know I can make. We all have a huge opportunity to shape our future for the better. So here’s my promise.

To the small business owner, I will support your trade by buying your goods.

To the friend who fears the loss of their job, I will support you and already have an idea to ensure you and your colleagues have a future in the career you studied so hard for.

To our fellow Europeans living in the UK and our fellow citizens living across Europe, I will support you and stand with you for your right to live and work where you reside, just as you have been. To the future generation, you have my word that I will fight for your education, your career prospects, your right to a home and your right to a democratic country.

To the butcher, the baker the candlestick maker; also to the farmers, the fisherman, the old, and the ill, I will do everything in my power to support you, whatever that may look like.

I realise there’s much more here than simply offering a gesture of good will, please don’t think I’m trying to play down the enormity of this historic decision, but here’s what’s in my control.

Here are the immediate changes I can make. Hard work and perseverance will be needed, nothing is handed to us on a plate nor should we expect it to be. Where’s the fun in that anyway? Where’s the sense of achievement?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to look back in a month, a year, two years and say “we did it, bloody hell we actually did it!”?

I think the human race is fascinating. We are a resilient, versatile and stubborn race. We have great expectations and incredible capabilities, we have the ability to progress and grow in ways that even I can’t comprehend.

We have a great capacity for change. We still have that deeply ingrained survival instinct and we will all do exactly that, we will survive. We need each other now more than ever before. We are our own powerhouse if you just allow it.

There’s nothing to hold us back other than our own fears.

I do believe that we are stronger together, united, with our differences and without regret.

If you’ve read to the end it must be a slow day for you! Thank you for letting me express my feelings and thoughts.

I hope we can all unite over a nice cup of tea in time, once the hurt and the wounds have started to heal. So I leave you with this:

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a nation, asking them to join her #strongertogether

A nice cup of tea - Just what a "why I voted leave" voter wants now.

by DannyUK


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