Essex Chronicle: EU referendum and Brexit - Stay or go?

When a word is made up primarily for one event, you know it’s something important. Thus, “Brexit”. And what does Brexit meant? “British Exit from Europe”. (I only say that as I had to look it up when I first heard the term used).  In other words, the EU Referedum.

There is a lot of back and forth debate on the issue.

Should we stay or should we go? Quite why the Clash haven’t re-released their hit of a similar name to cash in is beyond me.

There’s huge amounts written down about the Brexit. You only need to look at newspapers or - God help us - flick through Facebook to see the pro-Europe and anti-Europe arguments.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about it, though many either can’t seem to say why they think that way, or are only able to spout vague possibilities about what will happen.

I know which way I am voting, but that’s not the reason for this post.

I am fed up.

Fed up of the constant bickering between two sides about what will happen, and fed up of the continued use of opinions and estimates as facts.

“If we leave Europe then we can expect this….” and “Staying in Europe means we would probably experience this…”

Let’s be clear, just because something is written down, it doesn’t make it true. I could write that leaving / staying in the EU would mean that all milk in our supermarkets would become rainbow coloured.

Two things to bear in mind there: 1) Just because it’s written down doesn’t mean it’ll happen. 2) NO-ONE BLOODY KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN FOR DEFINITE EITHER WAY.

Brexit quote - Certainty or uncertainty

The ramifications of staying or leaving are huge and will shape the future of Britain for decades to come. But nobody knows precisely what would happen because whether we leave or remain, we still have to deal with Europe for trade, commerce and more.

The best summary I’ve heard was as I walked through Chelmsford a few days ago. I was just behind a middle-aged couple who happened to be discussing the European referendum.

“Certainly there’ll be uncertainty and that’s a certainty.”

I don’t think I could have phrased it better myself, even if it did take a moment or two to mentally process the sentence.

With all of the views and opinions that are out there, don’t be scaremongered into believing one side over another, and take anything you read on Facebook with a pinch of salt.

Make your own mind up, and try to do it with a rational mind.

Lastly, and I’ve voiced this in previous columns: Your vote is important. Vote in. Vote out. Vote “shake it all about” for all I care, but make sure you DO vote. And don’t worry about what colour the milk will be by Autumn.

Vote in, vote out - Should we stay or should we go with the EU referendum?

This article originally appeared in the Essex Chronicle.

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