Mortgage customer roleplays

“It’s funny,” said Steve the Trainer, “but Lee said the same thing about you as I’ve put in your report.” He hasn’t seen how I behave in mortgage customer roleplays yet.


It’s always odd getting feedback from people that you don’t know very well. Being on a work course for four weeks is long enough for you to let your mask slip.

You may start the course being all sweet and light, but by the end, the air is filled with more profanity in a morning than you heard the entire first week. It’s only natural and is evident if you’ve ever watched Big Brother and seen people doing things you never think they’d dream of doing in public.

We all know that our managers are getting feedback on us individually. Having been around the block a few times, I have to be honest and say that it was something I had thought of when we started the course, even though it wasn’t explicitly said for a couple of weeks.

With that in mind, I did my best to engage and interact at the start. Always quick to answer questions and try to offer help, I knew that it would all tick boxes.

Not only that, but I have a sneaking suspicion that in training circles you’re generally better treated in assessments if you’ve done the groundwork in events leading up to it. And I have. Five exams taken, five exams passed at the first attempt, and that was just the first five days.

Keys to success - mortgage customer roleplays

After that, I’ve tried to be happy and jokey. Despite several comments about me having an extremely dry wit, people don’t know that I have actually really reigned it in for fear of offending people, which seems so easy to do.

The gaggle of 13 delegates has split into a couple of different groups. Amy, Lyndsay and Rhys all work in the North West and have banded together. Their love of TOWIE, fake tan, and Brentwood in general means they are well suited, and though it sounds mocking, I think they’d all agree on a mutual love of the above.

Michelle, Paul, Andy and I seem to have clicked and get on well enough that my general overriding wont to kill people that spend too much time with me has abated a little (though only a little).  I’ve spent a couple of nights hidden away in my hotel room, not feeling like I want to socialise.  Other than that, though, my evenings have been spent with these three.

The rest of the class either flit in and out of the two groups, or spend time alone or in pairs, and that’s stayed the same for the majority of the time we’ve been here.

My dry sense of humour has seemed to go down well, which is fortunate as there have been times when our had worked against me. It does make role plays difficult, though, especially with Nisha who seems to find everything that I find hilarious, whether or not I’m making light of something.

Talking of role-playing, that’s what lays ahead for us this week. Two days of role play preparation (with a couple of visits from those that are higher up in the company who will no doubt be beating the drum about how great everything is), and then on Wednesday we get to role play five different scenarios each.

Lucky us.

Not that I am moaning.  I know that doing these roleplays hold the keys to success.  Let’s be honest, the company doesn’t set people up to not be successful.

After experiencing the five exams in five days at the start of the course, with the threat of losing our jobs if we didn’t pass them within 3 attempts (which I’m still not sure was as true as they made it out to be, much less legal), the only outcomes from the role plays are competent and non-competent.

Either way, everyone has to be observed in the field doing it live anyway, so there’s seemingly little to stress about.

That hasn’t stopped me driving to the Wirral to see Mrs DannyUK with a boot full of training material and a threat that she will have to be a mortgage customer in a series of role plays this past weekend (which my phone tried to amend to foreplay, funnily enough. If only I could handle five rounds of foreplay at my age).

As you may have guessed, though, time spent together is scarce, so roleplaying mortgage scenarios was the last thing on my mind, and despite her willingness to help (yet another reason I love her so much), we found better ways to spend time together.

By the end of the week, I should be back to normal, working with customers or at the very least doing some shadowing of colleagues again.

I just want to be able to start the job I was brought in to do, though I wonder if I’m trying to run before I can walk.

by DannyUK


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