Day 7 with the kids - Biblical storms and Broken phones 

Brooke had stayed over at a friend’s house the previous night, so Sunday morning was quieter than usual. Day 7 with the kids was my last full day before handing them back to their mum. It was a night of biblical storms and broken phones, though.


I managed another lay in after I achieved the same thing yesterday, only to be woken by a phone call around 9.30am.

After that, I decided that there was little point in trying to get back to sleep, so I got up, washed and dressed and headed to Costa.

Aaliyah was still fast asleep when I left. Chance was watching tv and Charisma was lounging about in bed, but awake. None of them wanted to come with me, so I left them to it.

While I was there I received a text message from Brooke saying that she didn’t know what time she’d be leaving her friend’s house, but that she would keep me informed. I’d expected to collect her in the morning but as it turned out she didn’t want to be collected until 8pm, meaning she spent all day with her friend’s family.

Aaliyah also went out with friends during the day and I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise in the early afternoon. It was Aaliyah using her friend’s phone. She told me that she had dropped her iPhone down the toilet and it was now not working.

I don’t know if it’s rose-tinted glasses on my part, but I’m sure I used to treat my possessions better at their age than they do with their own.

Aaliyah and her friend put the phone in rice and seemed to get it working again, albeit not fully. By the time I collected her, I suggested putting broken phones in a warm place like the airing cupboard would be better, but Aaliyah decided that she knew best and kept it in the rice.

Day 7 with the kids - Broken phone

Aaliyah’s phone wasn’t smashed, but it may as well have been…

In amongst all of the to-ing and fro-ing I managed to watch some more football.

Well, I did my best to.

As soon as the football came on, the kids dispersed.  They’re not football fans, but they know that I like to watch it, and seeing as they normally monopolise the tv, it’s a little bit of give and take.

The weather, however, had other ideas.  In the past few days in Essex we have seen biblical storms with rain absolutely lashing down.  It doesn’t normally last long, maybe an hour or two each time, but it comes down with such force that it quickly floods local roads.

It also knocks out the satellite tv signal.  Right in the middle of the football.  Very annoying.

Day 7 with the kids - Biblical storms and no satellite picture

Euro 2016 in the DannyUK house

By the time bedtime came around, I was thankful that we’d gotten through another day without arguments.

Obviously, I had thanked my luck stars too soon, as no sooner had my head hit the pillow, Brooke started whining about having no phone charger.

It escalated quickly and within a couple of minutes Brooke was having a shouting match with Charisma, and then fizzled into a bundle of tears.

What I’d forgotten is that after a sleepover, Brooke is ALWAYS like this.

Things calmed down and she fell asleep fairly quickly.

If I’d been hoping for better things in the morning, I was wrong.

After everyone being up for twenty minutes, the arguments started. Brooke was at the centre of it all again, and was still being mardy. Her siblings did what siblings do best, and taunted her, playing on her bad mood.

By the time we’d gotten everything together and bundled everyone out of the house Brooke was once again in tears.

We managed the ten-minute drive to school with very little in the way of arguments, which I was grateful for, though there was obvious tension in the car, and Brooke was still in a bad mood.

I dropped Chance off first, seeing him through the gate at school and promising to look for his school tie which he had somehow lost over the weekend.

I then dropped the three girls off to their school.

Charisma and Aaliyah jumped out of the car fairly quickly and made their way to the school gate.

So how did my week with the kids end, after the morning from Hell?

It ended with just Brooke and I in the car.

“Can I have a chewing gum please, daddy?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Thank you.”

She then leant forward and gave me a kiss.

“I love you!”

“I love you too, Brooke. Have a good day.”

by DannyUK


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