Football Feast - Supporting Iceland in Euro 2016

Actually, the header of this blog post is probably a little misleading. After all, I’m always going to support England. That said, it’s nice to have an(other) underdog to support too, and thanks to Iceland’s #PowerofFrozen campaign, I’m also supporting Iceland in Euro 2016.


This tournament is the first time that Iceland have qualified for the European Championships. An impressive feat for a country with a population the same size as Coventry!

Iceland (the supermarket) are sponsoring Iceland (the country) in their Euro 2016 campaign, and I’ve been invited to produce a football feast that’s suitable for sharing with friends and family, as well as being something we can eat whilst watching the game.

First though, look at the goody bag!

Football Feast - Supporting Iceland in Euro 2016 - Iceland - #PowerofFrozen goodies

C’mon Iceland!

The kids have all grabbed a piece of the goody bag without any arguing, which is amazing in itself. The first real test, though, was trying to see if we could find something that everyone would eat.

Fortunately, we didn’t have a problem at all. With a maximum spend of £30 we thought we’d get a few bits and pieces to share as we watched the football. In reality, we spent less than £25 and managed to fill the freezer, so we were over the moon.

Not only that, but the kitchen cupboards now have M&M peanuts and Haribo Starmix as snacks for the games too.

A full freezer means that everyone got their own choice of food for the games without any fights.

Iceland 1, DannyUK Brawlers 0!

Having so much to choose from meant that everyone was happy as we watched tv.  That meant a Rising Dough cheese pizza to start, followed by the Let’s Eat American Family Box, which was a breaded chicken selection.  All in all, a real football feast.

Throw in some Diet Coke, some Capri Suns (and even a couple of lagers for me) and the whole meal fed all five of us just over a tenner.  It also took less than 30 minutes to cook, meaning that I didn’t have to miss any of the football!

The #PowerofFrozen - The kids enjoying a Football Feast - We'll be supporting Iceland in Euro 2016

Enjoying the pizza and the chicken

With a month of Euro 2016 to go, there’s still plenty of food for us to cook up easily whilst watching the tournament progress.

A quick shout out and mention to the fantastic Man vs Pink who helped me out by sending over some info for this post.  He also had the same challenge set to him and puts me to shame with his brilliant chicken fajitas.

If you want me in the next few weeks, you can be pretty sure I’ll be perched in front of a tv somewhere watching the football.  I’d love it if England did well, but I’d also love to see Iceland progress too.

Their first match is on Tuesday 14th June, so keep an eye out for them.

In the meantime, excuse me while I shout… #ComeOnIceland!

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by DannyUK


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