Day 5 with the kids - My son wearing make up

Can you hear that noise? Listen closely. It’s the silence left behind after 4 kids have been dropped off to school on day 5 with the kids.


Wait a second, what’s THAT noise? That horrible, high-pitched, out-of-tune warbling? Oh, that’s me, singing happily because it’s Friday and the end of the school run week! Yay!

Chance had to go to school dressed in something red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Being the horrible dad that I am, I briefly considered decking him out in an American flag top, or some kind of French flag-based number which would have amused me no end, but fortunately for him he is old enough to make his own choices and instead chose something sensible to wear.

I decided to take the opportunity today to do some clearing up at home. The place looked fairly decent before the kids descended on it. Four days later and you’d struggle to see the carpet in any room on any day, as they throw their clothes, homework and anything else they can find.

I clear up every day, but it always seems like a futile affair, as I know that within an hour of the kids being home, it’ll be back to the way it was.

However, I knew that Brooke was going straight to a friend’s house from school, Charisma was making plans to go to the cinema and Aaliyah normally has a habit of staying behind at school to do something or other.

Armed with this knowledge, I tackled the living room full on, and a couple of hours later it looked like a show home. I’d even moved the furniture and vacuumed underneath it. (I’m practically patting myself on the back as I recollect this).

As each kid came home, they were told how I’d tidied, and threatened if they so much as thought about making a mess. It seems to have worked so far.

Day 5 with the kids - A quick tidy up

This was emptied before I Vaxed the room.

I also had a parcel delivered from the lovely people at Iceland. They’ve asked me to take part in their #PowerofFrozen campaign for Euro 2016 where they are backing the Icelandic team.

As a result, we went shopping in Iceland, pretty much filled the freezer and was munching on pizza in time for the first match of the tournament.

There was also a short period where my 9-year-old son, Chance, was coerced by Charisma into having make-up applied.  Once again, being the good father that I am, I captured this event on camera, and will forever be reminding everyone of the time I saw my son wearing make up.

He gets mollycoddled a lot by his sisters, so I guess this is the downside to being the youngest.

Day 5 with the kids - The downside to being the youngest: My son wearing make up

The downside to being the youngest

Aside from that, I feel that the week should have been sponsored by Daz, such is the amount of washing I have done.

The washing machine seems to have been on a constant run since Monday evening, and there’s still a shedload of washing that needs doing.  How on earth does that work out?

Overall, day 5 was a lot calmer than the start of the week, and pretty much on a par with the previous day.

The working week finished with a little running around for me.  Brooke went straight to a friend’s house after school, and then onto youth club.  I’d agreed to pick them up and run them home, so at 9pm I was doing that.

Charisma had made plans to go and see Me Before You at the local cinema after having dinner with friends in town.  Although I live no more than a five minute walk from the cinema, I made sure I was there to give her a lift home.

I’d rather be safe than sorry, though I was surprised and disappointed that all of her friends were getting lifts home and none had offered (as far as I’m aware) to give Charisma a lift back to mine.

by DannyUK


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