A week with the kids 

Today marks the start of my annual week with the kids.


I pick them up from school and then they are with me solidly until Monday morning next week. They’re all at school this week, so my days are basically going to entail getting up, taking them to school and then wasting time until I need to collect them again.

In years gone by there would have been one at nursery and one at home with me.  These days the youngest is a month short of his tenth birthday, and the eldest is 15, so a week with the kids is quite different to how it used to be.

After writing this, I thought I’d check back as I know I’ve written about this before.  I have.  Two years ago, and re-reading it, not a great deal has changed.  The knee still locks up every now and then, Charisma has just been to the same football tournament this year that was mentioned before, and lots of other details are the same.

Having been out of work for the first few months of the year - longer than expected given that the new job took so long to process things from initial interview through to job offer - I’m now poorer than a church mouse whose had his last piece of cheese stolen.  As a result, this week needs to be quite thrifty,

I would normally offer to pay for the kids to eat lunch at school.  They prefer that over packed lunch, they get the choice of what they want, and by the time we have all argued over various sandwich fillings, it’s far easier.  However, a quick totting up this year came to about £60 which is just far more than I can afford right now.

So the first task of the week is to go to Tesco tonight, stock up on food for the week (which is mostly going to be big family dinners rather than things suited to individual tastes) and hope for the best.

A week or so ago I popped into Wilko’s in town just before they shut, and managed to pick up 8 pints of milk for the bargain price of 20p.  It should go without saying that the milk was due to expire that day, but it was fine for a couple of days which is as long as it needed to last.  I have a feeling that we may be doing that a couple of times this week too.

Bargain milk - Ideal for a week with the kids

Bargain milk

Aside from that, there is very little in the way of an itinerary this week.  The eldest two will inevitably have things that they want to do after school, but that seems to revolve around either staying at school for an activity or being kept behind in detention, while the youngest two will commonly come home and do what they want to indoors.

With Summer seemingly here, we should be able to do something in the evenings if the mood takes us, though Charisma has already started making noises about what we can do next weekend (which involves her meeting a friend up North and as such she is asking if we can all go to see Mrs DannyUK on the Wirral).

I need to find something to fill my days, but I can forsee that being nothing more than coffee in Costa.  The inspiration to do anything else is sadly lacking, though I have a small to-do list of tasks for the week.  The main thing on that list is to try and find a way to drum up some customers who want mortgages or remortgages so that when I’m back at work I can start earning some commission.

The main thing on that list is to try and find a way to drum up some customers who want mortgages or remortgages so that when I’m back at work I can start earning some commission.

Work is going slowly still, and I have completed all of the training for it, though the blog posts about it are in various stages of drafts, so there will, in time, be posts that talk about me currently being on training.  Who needs a correct timeline on a blog, though, right?

The other things on the to-do list include admin tasks like scanning my bills in to CamScanner and trying to learn how to use the very basics of GIMP, which is a free Photoshop alternative.

I had a quick look at GIMP over the weekend and - to be frank - I don’t understand any of it, so we’ll see how well I get on with that.  I am predicting that I won’t end up using it.

by DannyUK


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